Each team member understands why he is here
It was formed on July 30, 2020 as a result of the merger of several companies, the unification of people and principles to achieve large-scale goals and improve logistics service on planet Earth.
Difreight company
About us in numbers
The first assembly plane was sent to the USA
March 15
The first employee appeared in the sales department
July 13
The first collection container was sent to the USA
January 30
The first collection container was sent from China to Ukraine
September 15
During the first year of work, the following were sent:
of collapsible containers from Ukraine to the USA
of collapsible containers from China to Ukraine
pre-owned cars from Ukraine to Europe (Germany and Great Britain)
air collectives from Ukraine in the USA
General geography of countries
prefabricated container from Ukraine to Canada
sea shipments from China to the USA
fbm shipments across the USA
Наші послуги
Poland - USA
Shipping of goods by sea and air from Poland to the USA to commercial warehouses, as well as to Amazon warehouses.
Ukraine - Europe
Transportation of goods from Ukraine to Europe from 1 pallet to your buyer's warehouse in Europe or to Amazon's warehouse in optimal terms and at favorable rates.
Ukraine - USA
Collective shipment of goods from Ukraine to the USA to commercial warehouses, as well as to Amazon warehouses.
Foreclosures in China
The DiFreight 1688 division specializes in the purchase of goods on Taobao, 1688 sites and acts as an intermediary for the delivery of goods from China: from your application on our website to receiving the finished order in Ukraine.
China - Ukraine
The service includes the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine as part of a prefab container, as well as port and loading and unloading operations. We pick up your cargo from the supplier, bring it to the warehouse in the port, load it into a container, transport it by sea and deliver it to customs in Ukraine.
Search for suppliers in China
We find and check all product offers, based on the technical task accepted from you. The result of such a search is a table with price offers, characteristics and data transmission of all dialogues with each supplier.
Service for Ukrainian manufacturers who plan to sell goods in Europe and not overpay for warehouse services. Shipments every week from 30 parcels.
Parcel service
Optimize the processing of large consignments by bypassing the storage process - use the cross-docking service.
Automation of warehouse processes, from storage, processing and delivery of your goods
Thanks from our customers
"A company that I trust 100% and recommend to everyone, a team of professionals, guys, thank you for what you have."
Олексій Поліщук
Олег Жажков
"This is a really good service! A good company in Ukraine for deliveries from other countries to the USA and Europe. And for Amazon."
"Received the first delivery. I liked everything. The product is not damaged, the boxes are not broken, nothing is missing. The weight is correct, they are not inflated like other companies. Prices are good, fixed. In a word, everything is clear. I would like to mention the manager Ivan, he is a person who will do everything possible and impossible to make the client satisfied. A big personal thank you. Keep it up..."
"I started working with this company, we have already delivered the first order, we are working on the next one. They like it. Everything is clear, always in touch. There is something to compare it with... I tried to work with 2 or 3 similar companies, but everything is very long in terms of processing the order, I often don't get through, in short, posts were posted on FB, but there are no normal people. I am satisfied with this company. I recommend it."
"Manager Karina calculated and accompanied the delivery, from the moment of the order to the receipt of the cargo. Everything arrived without delay. Thank you for the professional work, we will contact you!"
Вікторія Митичева
"The delivery of the cargo from Hong Kong was accompanied by the manager Karina. Everything was done within the agreed time at acceptable rates. Excellent work. Now we cooperate with the manager Ivan. Professional, prompt, competitive prices. Good company!"
"We spent a long time choosing the right company, came across Difreight and immediately went to the negotiations. They answered all the questions, helped at every stage of purchase and delivery. We will continue to cooperate, I recommend it to everyone."
"Good company! Everything at the highest level !! Strongly recommend!"
Христина Наюк
"We made an order, everything came quickly and without nuances, on time, I recommend the company!"
"I am very glad that my path crossed with this company. At the moment, only positive emotions! I continue to cooperate with myself and recommend it to everyone! Special thanks to the specialist in logistics - Tyshechko Oleg!! Always in touch, he will tell you, he will help you."
"Excellent customer service, safe delivery and a reasonable price! Totally recommend!"
Лілія Ковальчук
Used the company's services for the first time. Very satisfied: everything was clear, professional, the product arrived intact, the delivery time was acceptable. Special thanks to the manager Oleg Tishechko, who accompanied the movement of cargo from the very beginning and at the same time patiently explained all the nuances to me, as a beginner. I will definitely use the company's services next time and will recommend them to friends and acquaintances.
"From the beginning of 2021, our company began to fill its online stores: UaWest.com & GloryMix.Ua with products, using the services of the DiFreight company. After six months of working together, I would like to draw your attention to the moments we liked in the work of the DiFreight company. 1. Order on the purchase is formed simply and clearly: link, quantity, price in yuan - nothing more is needed from us. Next, the manager Maksym transfers the information for the purchase to the buyer located in China. 2. The buyer works quickly - buys in a day, which allows him to keep up with the actions of Chinese sellers 3. Next, the sellers send the goods to the DiFreight warehouse in China, where the cargo is consolidated and inspected. As elsewhere, losses of several units of goods occur at this stage. 4. DiFreight will refund the money for these artificial losses without delay, even if it is not their fault, but the fault of the senders or Chinese transport companies. 5. DiFreight independently transfers money to China for the purchase of goods. 6. Financial calculations are transparent, you can see them. 7. DiFreight independently prepares all documents for maintenance in Ukraine. TO SUM UP: DiFreight is FAST, RELIABLE, TRANSPARENT and EASY."
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