And if my cargo is lost? And another 6 actual clients' fears
And if my cargo is lost? And another 6 actual clients' fears

One of the main principles of DiFreight is honesty and responsibility to customers. That is why today we decided to answer popular questions-fears. Read the article, because you 100% will find the answer to the question that worries you.
7 place: Do you take responsibility for the cargo or "what will be, what will be"?

Of course, we take. Before we start working together, you will be able to read the terms of delivery and our areas of responsibility.

6 place: Where can I see the documents for transportation?

We have created a comfortable personal office.
It allows you to:

- to monitor the status of transportation;
- to communicate with the manager on any questions;
- see the transportation tracker;
- to see the estimated time of arrival of the cargo;
- keep all documents online.

We are on a DJ, therefore we create and improve conditions of communication with clients at the first opportunity. Your comfort and peace of mind is a priority.

5 place: How is the signing of the cooperation agreement?

We can provide all documents for acquaintance with the terms of cooperation, both online and in our office. The same situation with signing. No matter where you are, you can sign an agreement online – thanks to an electronic subscription. One of the advantages of our agreements is not a folder of 20 pages, which should be studied in detail. We understand the terms and conditions of the contract and do not use the "small font".

4 place: Will I get a guarantee that everything will be OK with the cargo?

We take responsibility for your product, and we provide you with a letter of guarantee. But in any case, there is nothing to worry about. For 5 years our company has not allowed any errors during transportation. 100% of clients received their cargo. However, we must insure the cargo at 2% of the cost. And we provide compensation in case of our fault.

3 place: Do you not change the price after signing the agreement?

No, if you have provided all the information on the cargo correctly and have already signed the contract, the cost of transportation is not changed, as we fix the price per m3. You can find the prices on the main page of the site. Also we constantly carry out actions and reduce the prices of transportation by 10-30%. Therefore we recommend to subscribe to our newsletter and visit the site more often. If you would like to calculate the price of the transportation, please contact your manager.

2 place: Do you exactly follow the terms?

If this were 100% up from us, we would be happy to answer — and we would deliver the goods second per second. But there is a customs office, weather conditions, transport delays, deterioration of the situation in the country. So let us answer this: We do everything on our own, so that your cargo comes on time. But it is not in our power to speed up the cordon on the border or direct the northern wind to the west. For example, cargo from China in average goes 65-75 days. From Europe is faster. The main thing is that we will never be in a position to announce the terms of delivery and 24/7 are ready to report to you on the condition of transportation.

1 place: And if my cargo will lose?

We remind you that we take responsibility for your cargo. We also provide a guarantee in which all compensation will be prescribed if such situation (which is almost impossible) will still occur.

Do you have any other questions? Do you want to order transportation from Europe and Asia at favorable prices?
Write us at the feedback window and we will discuss your transportation.

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