Benefits for small and medium-sized businesses from cooperation with a logistics company

Logistics for everyone: benefits for small and medium-sized businesses from cooperation with a logistics company
There is a widespread misconception among small and medium-sized businesses that partnerships with freight forwarders or carriers are only appropriate for large volumes of cargo. In this article, we explain why this opinion is wrong and talk about the benefits of working with logistics companies regardless of the size of your business.

What volumes of cargo do logistics companies handle?

Contrary to popular belief, working with logistics partners is not limited to large corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit greatly from external expertise.

Whether you're shipping a few pallets or a few boxes, logistics providers offer customized solutions that meet your unique needs. For example, DiFreight offers consolidation among its logistics services.

Consolidation is the combination of shipments from different customers in one vehicle. This way, all senders share the total shipping costs, which is much cheaper than if they each shipped their cargo separately.

For businesses, this means that you don't have to wait until you have enough goods to fill an entire truck. You can ship as often as you need to. DiFreight will optimize the delivery process and combine your shipment with those of other customers. This not only reduces costs, but also speeds up delivery as shipments move regularly instead of waiting for a full load to accumulate.
An example of cargo consolidation: preparing boxes of different sizes from different senders for shipment.

Real opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses

Cooperation with freight forwarding companies provides a number of benefits for small and medium-sized businesses.

Saving time and resources. Partnering with logistics companies frees up valuable time for entrepreneurs and managers to focus on their core competencies. Instead of managing complex supply chains or tracking shipments, business owners can focus resources and efforts on growth-oriented activities.

Reduced risks. Logistics firms have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of issues, whether it's customs regulations, route optimization, or unexpected delays. If you entrust these tasks to professionals, it will significantly reduce the risk of costly mistakes.

Access to expertise. Logistics companies employ specialists who understand industry trends, regulatory requirements, and best practices. Their knowledge ensures efficient transportation and minimizes disruptions.
Customs brokers will help with customs clearance.

Access to new markets. The extensive logistics infrastructure of the carrier company opens the door to new markets for your business. You can set up delivery to new countries and regions. In addition, experienced logistics partners can provide valuable advice on local legal and customs requirements, which can greatly simplify the process of entering new markets.

Instead of investing in an in-house logistics team or maintaining an entire fleet, entrust your logistics to DiFreight. We'll take care of all your worries: we'll promptly organize the transportation of your goods, customs clearance, and safe delivery to your destination.
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