As a customs broker, DiFreight will help you with customs clearance of cargo

As a customs broker, DiFreight will help you with customs clearance of cargo
Customs clearance of cargo is an important stage of international freight transportation that requires knowledge of legislation, documentation and procedures. Without proper clearance, your cargo may be detained, fined or confiscated, resulting in losses and customer dissatisfaction. The services of a customs broker will help you avoid such problems and ensure fast and correct customs clearance of cargo.

What is the job of a customs broker?

A customs broker is a specialist or a whole team that helps importers and exporters with the clearance of goods when crossing the border. An experienced broker combines knowledge of customs affairs, jurisprudence, logistics and accounting to provide clients with quality customs services.

Main brokerage services:

Consulting on customs legislation, classification of goods according to UCT EZ, preliminary declaration, temporary import or export, etc.

Preparation and submission of all necessary documents
for customs clearance of cargo (customs declaration, invoice, certificates, licenses, etc.).

Coordination with customs and other regulatory bodies to ensure smooth passage of customs procedures.

Calculation of customs payments and taxes to ensure efficient use of resources.

Resolving issues related to delays or other customs difficulties.
Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity (UKT ZED) — a list of goods containing the name and code of each type of goods

For correct customs clearance, it is important to determine the correct codes of UCT EZ and to select the correct rates of duty associated with these codes. This is one of the main tasks of a customs broker.

What duty rates are used for cargo clearance

The size of the duty rate depends on the type of product, its purpose, functionality and can range from 0% to 25%. But in addition to this, other payments may be added to the customs duty:

  • seasonal duty — may be imposed on certain goods for a period of no more than 4 months;
  • anti-dumping duty — applies to goods sold at prices lower than their fair value;
  • special duty — set on certain groups of goods to protect Ukrainian producers;
  • countervailing duty — applies to goods crossing the border that have been subsidized on import or export;
  • excise tax — for transportation of excise goods (alcohol, cars, fuel, etc.);
  • VAT is charged on the full amount of the duty along with all additional payments.
Thus, the duty rates can be in general with VAT from 0% (for example, medical products) and up to 70% or more of the value of the goods.
Usually, cargo clearance at customs is carried out every day and lasts no more than 4 hours (except for cargo sent for customs inspection)

The customs broker of the company DiFreight tells in more detail about the customs clearance of the cargo:
Independent customs clearance is a rather complicated and costly process that requires special knowledge and separate software, especially when it comes to declaring goods with special characteristics. Therefore, cooperating with DiFreight on the customs clearance of your cargo is a smart and economical step for your business:

  • the risks of errors and delays during customs clearance are significantly reduced;
  • costs are optimized and the efficiency of the customs clearance process increases;
  • we ensure the smooth movement of your goods to their destination, while you focus on your core business.
If you plan to deliver your goods from abroad and abroad and are looking for a reliable logistics partner with a full range of services, then contact DiFreight, we will definitely help you.
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