3 types of delivery in China and everything you know about them
3 types of delivery in China and everything you know about them

Shipping within China is shipping from any factory to Shenzhen port. At the same time, entrepreneurs do not like and are even afraid to order the transportation of goods from remote warehouses for several reasons: they may have to pay more, it is even easier to lose the goods, who will track them. But really there is nothing to worry about. China is not an island nation like Japan. The operation of trains, planes, and ships that transport goods is well established within the country.

Today we will tell you how we transport goods and what helps us not to lose any packaging during transportation from warehouse to warehouse. And we will also share one practice that will ensure your cargo a successful journey from point A to point B.

Problems of newcomers in cooperation with China

The delivery of goods from factories to the port takes place in 3 ways to choose from:

- Reloading in the accompanying vehicle transport — they load a truck with cargo from different customers, where there is also a place for your goods. The car goes from the destination to the port, from where all international deliveries take place.

- Courier services — for cargo transportation, you can order a separate transport to which goods from other customers will not be loaded. It is a little more expensive, but everyone calculates their capabilities and the importance of transporting something separately and more safely.

- River port — if the factory that manufactures the goods is very far from the sea port, and the city (or very close) has a river port, then the best solution will be delivery by ferry or barge. This is the cheapest type of all listed, only if you are transporting a large batch of cargo or containers.

Which method to choose and what is the secret of successful delivery?

To choose the best shipping option in China for your cargo, talk to the suppliers. They are oriented in these matters and know how to deliver your goods to the sea port more profitably and safely. But, if you don't have time to deal with these issues or you don't speak English or Chinese very well, leave it to us.

We have been delivering goods from China since 2020, and we also manage domestic cargo transportation within China. We will negotiate with your supplier and organize delivery across China and Ukraine.

What is the main thing? After coordinating all procedures with the warehouse, provide a ready invoice for calculation to your logistics partners to understand the cost and ways of delivery to the port.

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