Delivery of oversized cargo: types, transport and features of transportation
Delivery of oversized cargo: types, transport and features of transportation
International transportation of oversized cargo is one of the most complex types of delivery. It is important to plan the entire transportation process in accordance with the characteristics of the cargo, the rules and regulations governed by law, and to obtain the appropriate permits. In this article, we'll look at what oversized cargo is, what it can be, and what kind of transport to choose for this type of transportation.

The concept of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is defined as cargo whose physical dimensions exceed the permissible standard values, so it requires special means and conditions for transportation.

They have the following dimensions:

height - more than 4 meters;
length - more than 20 meters (an overhang of 2 meters is allowed if the total length does not exceed 20 meters);
width - more than 2.55 meters;
by weight - more than 38 tons.

Oversized cargo is properly called bulky or heavy cargo. In international practice, the term "oversize cargo" is used. Most often, agricultural and military equipment, specialized equipment, excavators, yachts, etc. fall into this category.

Types of oversized cargo
Oversized cargo is characterized by non-standard dimensions

Since there is a huge number of non-standard cargoes, it is customary to divide them into several categories:
- Oversized cargo. It exceeds one of the LxWxH indicators specified in the regulatory document.
- Long cargo. It protrudes beyond the rear side of the vehicle by more than 2 meters or has a length of more than 20 meters.
- Overweight cargo. Exceeds the maximum permissible weight when loaded.
It is impossible to transport oversized cargo with standard vehicles, so it is important to choose the right vehicle for delivery.

Transport for the transportation of oversized cargo
Overhead arches and tarpaulin of the Open Top container ensure complete safety of goods inside

Transportation of oversized cargo by sea is in demand. Two types of non-standard containers are used for this purpose:

1. Flat Rack - these heavy-duty containers have two walls that are either fixed or can be folded to form a flat base for placing goods that exceed their height and width.
2. Open Top - have a removable roof made of steel arcs and tarpaulin, which allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo with a crane. Open top containers are suitable for the transportation of goods such as glass and marble blocks, stone chips and bulk materials.

In some cases, transportation of oversized cargo is carried out by road, which requires the support of the traffic police.

Basic requirements for the transportation of oversized cargo
Agricultural and construction equipment is usually transported as oversized cargo.

Each stage of oversized transportation has its own specifics, complexity and risk. To store oversized cargo, it is necessary to allocate a large area and then plan the route with special care. Transportation requires a special permit, and the equipment must meet the established standards and requirements.

When organizing oversized transportation, you should consider the following:
- during sea transportation, buy out the places where there are protruding parts of the goods under the container;
- the vehicle should not be an obstacle on the road, and other road users should be able to move freely;
- before starting to move, install an appropriate transportation sign on the extreme part of the cargo that protrudes beyond the vehicle;
- the permissible dimensions of oversized cargo by car: the length of the car should not exceed 22 meters and the height should not exceed 4 meters.

The transportation of oversized cargo is governed by rules that may differ depending on the country in which the cargo is transported.

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