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Parcel delivery service from Ukraine to Europe from DiFreight: features and advantages
Due to the war and economic difficulties, Ukrainian entrepreneurs had to reformat their business and establish cooperation with European countries. However, it is not always clear how to effectively organize the delivery of goods to end consumers in Europe. To solve this problem, the DiFreight company introduced the delivery of parcels from Ukraine to Poland, Germany or any other European country. Today we will consider the features of this service and its advantages for Ukrainian business.

Features of parcel service from DiFreight

The parcel service is the delivery of international parcels weighing up to 30 kg from Ukraine to any country in Europe, which will be useful for small and medium-sized businesses and FOPs selling their products via the Internet.

What is the point? Instead of processing, sending and tracking parcels yourself, you delegate these tasks to us. This greatly facilitates the process of delivering goods to European consumers and frees up your time.

How parcels are delivered from Ukraine to Europe

1. You form a package according to customer orders and enter all the necessary data into our customer table.
This is what the DiFreight customer table looks like

2. Using the data from the table, we take into account the dimensions of the boxes and the country of destination, create a waybill (TTN) and a label of the European postal operator.

3. We send you already prepared labels, gluing takes place at your production facility or warehouse. This process is completely under your control, guaranteeing accuracy and confidence that each item reaches its intended recipient.

4. Our representatives collect the shipment, provide all customs formalities, and after that, the goods are transported to our warehouse in Poland.

5. At the warehouse, parcels are checked for label integrity, processed and prepared for shipment to customers.

6. At the final stage, the parcels are handed over to the courier for delivery to the final recipient.

To make sure of the convenience of the service, you can order the delivery of one test package.

Advantages of parcel service from DiFreight

Delivery speed. DiFreight has developed logistics routes and agreements with reliable carriers. On average, the delivery time for parcels to Europe is up to 7 days.

Work with returns. Your customers can arrange a return to our warehouse in Poland. Next, it is up to you to decide whether to return the goods to Ukraine or store them in the warehouse until the next sale.

Cargo tracking. All status changes and cargo movements are displayed in the personal account on our website. Therefore, you can track your parcels at any time.

Delivery guarantee. DiFreight is responsible for the safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. You can be sure that all deals will be executed with quality and on time, which reduces the risks associated with delivery.

Flexible conditions. We have created a service that adapts to your requirements and wishes. You receive the support of a personal manager who helps to solve all issues related to logistics in the most efficient way.

They talked about the parcel service in more detail in the video:
Cooperation with DiFreight allows you to focus on the main thing - expanding your business, finding partners and increasing sales volumes, and not be distracted by logistical issues. Try our parcel service and see for yourself its effectiveness in practice.
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