How the electronic queue makes life easier for drivers and carriers

How the electronic queue makes life easier for drivers and carriers
For successful transportation, it is important to deliver the cargo to the destination on time, without delays. Unfortunately, in terms of logistics, crossing the border is often an unknown variable that significantly affects the delivery time of goods. We tell you how this problem was solved in Ukraine.

What is E-Queue

YeCherga is a free service that allows carriers to book a border crossing in advance. Thus, drivers arrive at the checkpoint each at their designated time, and do not expect to be able to cross the border on either side of the road for several days.

To join the electronic queue, you need:

1. Register on the service website or in the mobile application;
2. Select a checkpoint;
3. Enter all necessary data about the driver, truck and cargo;
4. Click "Join the queue".

That's it, the job is done. The service provides you with an estimated time of crossing the border, sends a notification about the approaching queue or about delays at the checkpoint. Now you can transport any of the most popular goods in Ukraine abroad. I will only remind you that it is important to choose a reliable carrier.

Importantly! Only trucks weighing 7.5 tons or more are recorded in the e-queue.

At which checkpoints is there a Queue

To simplify the border crossing procedure, the electronic queue service operates at 16 checkpoints in the western regions of Ukraine.
Державна служба України з безпеки на транспорті
The list and location of international checkpoints at which the eCherga service has been implemented.

Here is a list of these points, depending on the country of entry:

Yagodin — Dorogusk;
Rava-Ruska — Ridge;
Krakow — Korchova;
Ustilug — Zosyn (for empty trucks);
Sheghini - Medicine;
Nyzhankovychy — Malhovice.

Logging — Siret;
Thank you - Halmeu;
Orlivka - Isakcha.

Mamalyga — Kryva;
Vynohradivka — Vulkaneshti;
Old Cossack - Tudor;
Reni - Giurgiulesti;
Mohyliv-Podilskyi — Otach.

Chop (Tysa) — Zahon.

Uzhgorod — Vyshnye Niemetske.

You can choose any checkpoint convenient for you and comfortably wait for your turn.

What has changed after the introduction of queues

As the drivers with whom we work note, the start of the electronic queue has greatly simplified their lives. The advantages of such a service are obvious, let's take a closer look.

Time management.
You can see what queues are now at the border with Poland or any other country, already when choosing a checkpoint. You book a time to cross the border and immediately know when and how long to wait for the border crossing. There is no need to live for several days in a car on the side of the road while waiting for your turn. You can also change the time or location of the border crossing if things suddenly go wrong.

Reducing business risks.
The time of crossing the border known in advance allows the carrier to avoid financial and reputational risks. After all, the product will not deteriorate due to prolonged downtime, there will be no excess consumption of fuel, and the cargo will reach its destination on time. This is how the logistics company improves the quality of its services and wins the trust of customers.
Cargoes are not delayed at the border, but go straight to their destination

Reduction of the corruption component.
The electronic queue is the same for everyone, all carriers and cargoes are on equal terms. Drivers can monitor queue compliance in real time, this minimizes the likelihood of certain trucks being out of line.

Arrangement of transportation.
ECherga allows you to assess the load at each of the checkpoints in a certain period of time, analyze traffic flows and goods turnover, and make decisions about the development of border infrastructure.

If you have any questions about cargo delivery through Ukraine, from Ukraine to Europe and back, or delivery to the USA, contact us, we are fulfillment specialists. We know that most people buy online, so we will provide professional advice, choose the most successful logistics route and deliver everything on time.
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