The power of shipping vessels: how the largest logistics companies compete with each other

The power of shipping vessels: how the largest logistics companies compete with each other

Just imagine, modern cargo ships are capable of transporting more than 24,000 TEU. And this is what motivates the world's famous carriers to compete with each other and create even more large-scale sea transport. Today we will tell how a Taiwanese company created the largest container ship in the world in July 2022 and what came of it.
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Ever Alot is the name of the largest container ship in the world today. It was developed by Evergreen Marine. And in July 2021, it was launched for the first time. The capacity of the ship is 24,000 TEU, which is not much more than previous giants. But this is a record and no one is trying to break it yet.

Let's consider its technical characteristics:
The length is 400 meters.
The width is 62 meters. If compared in real life, it will be vertically higher than the Empire State Building in New York (a skyscraper that has a height of 381 meters and 102 floors).

Interesting Facts:
- Ever Alot made its first flight from Shanghai, as it was built there. It happened in August in the port of Rotterdam.
- This ship belongs to the group of ultra-large vessels of the ULCV class.
- Ever Alot is so healthy that it can barely pass the locks of the Panama Canal.
- Taiwan News was built by the South Korean company Samsung Heavy Industries.
- Its value is $150 million.

Which countries are served by a ship of this scale

The ship has regular routes between Europe and the Far East. More than 50 ships tried to compete with the container ship Ever Alot, but only achieved a capacity of 21,000 TEU. And their viability and the financial capabilities of the owners of the giants are under great question among marine experts.

Why does the ship serve only Asia and Europe, and not the American, African, Australian markets?

Because the ports of these continents are too small to moor a ship. Although, large ships have already entered the USA and why they are not yet ready to accept Ever Alot is unclear. For example, in 2015, CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, which has a capacity of 18,000 TEU, called in Los Angeles. But already 5 years later, his record was broken by the ship MSC Anna with a capacity of 19.2 thousand TEU, which docked in the port of Oakland in California.


They held the intrigue, to say the most important thing - perhaps the Ever Alot record was already broken. Where does this assumption come from? On October 29, Chinese shipbuilders Yangzijiang built and launched 2 new ships. They became MSC Loreto and MSC Irina. The giants are owned by MSC. Moreover, they are considered the largest shipping company in the world now.

Why is the guess possible and not 100%?

Because MSC has not yet put the ships into operation, which means that they are not officially competitors yet. Despite this, the company notes that the container capacity is 24,636 TEU, which is why they are already considered the largest.

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