Goods from China for the winter: generators, inverters, power banks

TOP goods from China for those who do not want to be left without electricity: generators, inverters, power banks
Charging stations, generators and other alternative energy sources have already become a real salvation for many households and offices. The demand for these products is actively growing, which confirms their effectiveness and relevance. It is better to prepare for any eventuality in advance than to face inconvenience during them. Today I'm talking about products from China that will help you live more or less comfortably and continue to work, even if the light suddenly disappears.

Gasoline or diesel generators for home and office

Generators are the first item to pay attention to when preparing for possible power outages. They can serve as a source of electricity for an entire residential building, a separate apartment or an office.
Gasoline generators are characterized by quick start-up and mobility, diesel generators are more economical with a long duration of operation

When choosing a generator, it is important to consider its power. Calculate the total power of all electrical appliances that you plan to power from the generator and choose the model that will best suit your tasks.

Inverters from China

The generator produces energy in the form of direct current, which cannot be used to power household appliances. It is the inverter that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is suitable for use by home electronics.
Some inverters have built-in chargers, overload protection systems, and other useful features

Again, before ordering an inverter, you need to consider the total power of the devices you plan to power. Choose a device with more power than you need to have a spare and ensure that your electronics work smoothly even when the lights go out.


If generators and inverters are expensive purchases, which significantly narrows the circle of buyers, power banks are interesting to a much wider audience. Depending on the capacity, power banks power smartphones, tablets, headphones or even laptops. That is why you can order power banks in bulk to offer to your customers, and individually for your own needs.

Powerbanks are available in different sizes and power ranges, from small devices designed to charge a phone once, to powerful models that can charge several devices at the same time.
In China, you can buy a power bank with a solar panel, a lantern, and several different outlets

I recommend choosing models with protection against overload, short circuit and other hazards. The presence of several USB ports for simultaneous charging is a must-have for the modern pace of life.

Don't forget to periodically check the battery charge of your powerbank, and in general, keep the device charged, because winter is just around the corner.

Do not wait until circumstances force you to find a way out of the situation, act early and prepare in advance. Contact DiFreight and we will help you with purchasing from Chinese sites and shipping goods from China.
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