What to bring from China to successfully sell in spring and summer?
What to bring from China to successfully sell in spring and summer?

Spring is the season of barbecues, hikes, picnics in the park and in the forest. And there is also a good opportunity to make money for entrepreneurs who buy goods in China and resell them on the Ukrainian market. But in order to successfully start sales, you need to know what, where and when to sell better. That is why today we will tell you that consumers will 100% buy soon and what you should prepare for to receive your order on time.

In the article we will consider the following questions:
- What products to choose for the spring and summer season?
- How to quickly get your shipment from China?
- Where can I find out about other trending products to make the sale successful?
TOP 2 products of the spring-summer 2023 season

Let's start with the fact that goods from China can be conditionally divided into 3 groups: goods of short-term fashion, trendy goods, goods of the growing market. We will consider the 2nd category of products - trending products. Because picnic and hiking items will soon become the first trend and flood all sales platforms. And for the coming months, you should choose them. Why and what to choose? Let's talk!

Goods for picnics:
- tableware in a picnic set;
- a spatula for dispersing the hearth;
- portable barbecue;
- Swiss knives;
- grill grates;
- sets of skewers;
- portable stoves are relevant not only because of the season, but also because of constant outages;
- water bottles for sports and walks;
- flashlights — the same, relevant not only because of the season.

Goods for hiking:
- tents and tourist rugs;
- fleece clothes;
- hiking boots;
- metal derived dishes;
- backpacks and capes;
- sleeping bags;
- all fishing products;
- inflatable mattresses;

How to get shipping from China on time?

If you see an advertisement "Delivery from China 10-14 days" - do not follow the link. It is impossible. Currently, the actual delivery time from China is 60-75 days. We have an important rule on our website in the "services" section - to set the terms as they are.

But! It is worth paying attention to the seasonality of spring-summer products and placing an order now. Since spring comes in 30 days, and buying spring-summer goods in Ukraine will start exactly in 60-80 days. That is why we advise you to choose what you plan to earn as soon as possible. Find suppliers from China. And order transportation on our website. All this is done in order not to miss the relevance of the product and to be the first to enter the market.

Where to find information about trending products?

Of course, on our website! We have been working for 3 years and know very well which products are profitable to sell and in which season. Also, in our blog you will find a lot of useful information about transportation, customs, trends, deadlines, our services, interesting news from the world of logistics.
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