How do I obtain permission documents myself?
How do I obtain permission documents myself?

The title should have been: "How hard will you push yourself to get permits yourself." But the editor did not miss this clickbait. Therefore, today we will simply tell whether it is possible to get these documents without help. And we will also reveal the secret to whom you should contact in order to avoid paperwork.
How and what documents are needed for easy customs clearance

Well, if you're ready to go head-to-head with the bureaucratic permit machine, we've got you covered with Plan A. It'll save you money, get rid of 10,000 nerve cells, and delay the transportation process by a few weeks (no joke). Study:

1. In order to obtain permits, you need to understand that there is no single list of procedures, and the package of documents is formed according to: what type of cargo, what type of customs control, type of customs procedure, classification of goods, presence of restrictions and requirements.

2. Some types of goods must have permission documents from state structures: the sanitary-epidemiological service, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Department of Economy, the Commodity Exchange, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Energy Conservation Inspectorate, the Gemological Center of Ukraine, various expert organizations, and others. (read the titles as Bureaucracy Bureaucracy and 9 Circles of Hell).

3. It should also be mentioned about customs services and departments, which differ depending on the type of goods. For example, you may need to collect a package of documents from the intellectual property department. Perhaps in the customs property control department. There are more than 15 such structures.

And this is just a small amount of information that you need to know in order to successfully issue permit documents.

How to avoid this and not spend all the money on registration?

Contact the services of a customs broker. A person who will collect the entire package of documents without nerves and with efficiency. The customs broker deals with:

- visiting all the listed and necessary institutions;
- obtaining the necessary documents without bribes and waiting;
- obtaining permits, certificates, conclusions as necessary;
- saving your money, time and nerves and protection from bureaucracy;
- legal customs clearance within 1-2 weeks.

You decide: or the transportation is delayed and you overpay in time, nerves and money. Or you hire a person who takes all the responsibility on himself and guarantees that you will not have any problems at customs.
The information for the article was taken from the website ukr.china.com

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