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How to check the reliability of a Chinese supplier
The growing popularity of Chinese goods on the world market presents customers with the task of checking product quality. How to be sure that there is no shortage and the right amount of the product, if the seller is on the other side of the world? Inspection of the product at the place of purchase helps you avoid the hassle of returning or exchanging a defective product.

When to carry out cargo inspection in China

Cargo inspection is not only a guarantee of product quality and safety, but also additional financial and time costs. How to understand whether it is worth ordering a cargo inspection or is it possible to do without it?

We recommend conducting an inspection in several cases:

For the first orders. If you are working with a new supplier or manufacturer for the first time, you may not understand their production processes and quality standards. Therefore, before making purchases in China, it is worth checking the reliability of the supplier to prevent receiving a product of inadequate quality, which will spoil your reputation among customers.

In the case of complex non-standard orders. If you buy products from China with special features (with your logo, custom design, special functions, etc.), you need to make sure that the manufacturer has correctly understood and fulfilled your task. In addition, if the supplier knows that an inspection will be carried out, he does his work better. Cargo inspection will help you check that all the details of your order have been completed correctly and accurately.

If you doubt the reliability of the supplier. If the manufacturer often changes the terms of cooperation, delays deadlines, does not respond to questions or complaints, this may mean that he is trying to hide certain problems with the quality or delivery of the product. In this case, cargo inspection is a good way to protect your interests and rights.
You provide the inspector with a list of characteristics worth checking and receive comprehensive and unbiased inspection results

What types of inspections does the DiFreight company offer?

Difreight's activities are focused on supporting businesses that cooperate with Chinese suppliers and ensuring the reliability and quality of their products.

We offer our clients the following types of cargo inspection:
  • Supplier Verification in China. We check the documents and licenses of the supplier or manufacturer, the company's registration date, authorized capital and market reputation.
  • Checking the company's website. We are reviewing how relevant and reliable the website of the company you are cooperating with is. We analyze its content, reviews, contact information and other parameters to determine how accurate it is and not fraudulent.
  • Inspection of the product according to the technical task of the client. We check the product according to your specifications. We evaluate the quality of Chinese goods, quantity, sizes, colors, packaging, labeling and other product characteristics. If necessary, we make a photo and video inspection report.
Product inspection in China makes it possible to detect the lack or shortage of the product in time

Based on the results of the inspection, you can confirm cooperation with the supplier from China and pay for the product in part or in full. If you have comments on the quality of the product, you need to contact the seller with a request to eliminate the defects. Believe me, it is much easier to do this while the goods are still in China and you do not have to think about how to exchange or return defective products from Ukraine to China.

The DiFreight company helps you to build secure cooperation with Chinese suppliers, avoid fraudulent schemes and establish regular deliveries of goods to your warehouse.
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