Top products for import from China

Be in time for the Chinese New Year: TOP goods for import from China
On February 10, 2024, the Chinese will celebrate the New Year. The Chinese New Year is a time when most of the country shuts down for several weeks, which affects all areas of business, including logistics. Therefore, when planning the procurement and delivery of goods from China, it is important to have everything you need in time for the holidays. What goods from China are in high demand? Read on to find out!


China is the world leader in electronics production. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, headphones, and other accessories find their buyers in Ukraine. If you hurry up with your order now and choose air delivery from China, you will have time to update your assortment just in time for the moment when everyone will run to choose gifts for their families for the winter holidays.
Read more about electronics from China here.
A wide range of gadgets from China allows you to choose interesting new products to offer your customers.

Clothing and textiles

Chinese textiles and clothing are also in demand due to their wide selection and affordable prices. From elegant dresses to comfortable tracksuits, you can order all of them from China and add fashionable novelties to your store's assortment.
China is one of the largest textile importers in the world

Buying apparel and Chinese fabrics in bulk is a smart choice for several good reasons:

  • competitive prices due to lower labor costs and large-scale production;
  • product variety: from high-quality designer brands to affordable and stylish fast fashion options;
  • craftsmanship - proven Chinese manufacturers produce quality clothing that meets international standards;
  • understanding of fashion trends: China's fashion industry is constantly expanding, embracing new trends and innovative design.
Textiles and clothing from China continue to be a profitable option for expanding the range and attracting new customers, despite seasonal changes and fashion trends.

Household goods

Household goods from China are often ordered for sale due to their pleasant prices and high quality. Here are some popular categories:

Decorative items. Photo frames, decorative baskets, figurines, vases, clocks, scented candles - anything that will bring beauty and comfort to your customers' homes.

Kitchen utensils. Kitchen utensils such as vegetable cutters, garlic presses, apple cutters, and apple peelers are quite popular and easy to use. Silicone baking molds and baking mats are also very popular with housewives.

Storage containers. A variety of boxes, baskets, jars and organizers not only help keep your home tidy, but can also serve as a great decorative element. From simple plastic containers to exquisite wooden boxes, the range of storage containers from China offers a wide selection to meet different needs and tastes.
Glass containers with airtight lids for storing bulk food in the kitchen.


Chinese toy production is known for its diversity and creativity. From plush animals to electronic gadgets, the wide range of toys in China allows you to choose the products that best meet the needs of your market.
In China, you can find toys for children of all ages.

I would also like to remind you that the holiday season is just around the corner, so the demand for toys will soon increase, and you should prepare for it. Air delivery from China will help you update your assortment in time.

For the continuous operation of your business, it is important to plan logistics in advance. To avoid possible downtime or shortages of goods during the Chinese New Year holidays, I recommend that you stock up in advance and order the necessary goods. DiFreight will help you make a buyout from China and make sure that you receive your cargo on time. Don't hesitate to contact us!
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