Top 5 household products that will interest consumers

Top 5 household products that will interest consumers
Are you looking for quality and relevant home products that will benefit your customers? Today, I'm going to share with you some win-win options from the home improvement category that will help you expand your portfolio and increase your competitive edge. Are you interested? Then read on!

Decorative shelves on the wall

Who doesn't love coziness and comfort in their home? Help your customers make their home interior modern and functional. No matter what style they like, you'll be able to offer a variety of quality shelving. Shelves of all possible styles are presented on Chinese sites: from modern minimalist and loft-style to classic and vintage.
In China, there is a huge range of wall shelves of various shapes, sizes and materials

Robot vacuum cleaner

An irreplaceable assistant in household chores, which is in constant demand among buyers. In general, household appliances and electronics in China are presented in a wide range, literally for every taste and wallet. Therefore, the price range for robot vacuum cleaners varies quite a bit. On the Chinese website of the 1688 store, you can choose a robot vacuum cleaner at a price from $2 to $400. Therefore, you will definitely be able to choose something there based on your target audience.
The robot vacuum cleaner does the cleaning while your customers are not at home. Well, what is not an advantage?

Baskets for the home

When it comes to organizing space in the home environment, baskets for the home are one of the simplest and most functional solutions. It is worth noting that Chinese home baskets have gained popularity in the market due to their high quality and affordable prices. The assortment is also impressive:

  • baskets for storing things;
  • baskets for toys;
  • hanging containers for organizing space in the bathroom or kitchen;
  • laundry baskets, etc.
All of them differ in size, materials, color and style, so you can choose what you like.
In addition to purely practical utility, a basket is an element of decor in a stylish interior

Shelves for spices

Another element for organizing space in the kitchen. The shelf helps to keep spices organized, protects them from moisture. It takes up little space and adds aesthetic appeal to the kitchen. On Chinese websites, you can buy spice racks made of bamboo, metal, plastic, etc. Thanks to the variety of materials and designs, spice racks can match any kitchen style, from classic to modern.
An example of a shelf for spices, which is not only functional, but also stylish

Carpet for the bathroom

Chinese manufacturers offer bathroom rugs with different designs, colors, sizes and materials. You can choose the ones that suit your target market and customer requirements. A wide assortment allows you to attract more customers and satisfy their needs. Help customers buy such a rug for the bathroom, which will be convenient, comfortable and easy to care for.
I recommend choosing mats with a non-slip base, they are very popular among consumers

Buying wholesale household goods from China is a profitable option for expanding the range of your business. If you have any questions, contact us, we will help you decide on the product, choose a reliable supplier and organize the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine directly from the manufacturer.
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