What types of shipping containers are there and why you need to know about it
What types of shipping containers are there and why you need to know about it.

Conventionally, containers can be divided into 2 types: standard sizes and non-standard sizes. The second item refers to containers between 45 and 53 feet in size. 20-foot and 40-foot containers are called standard. We will talk about them today.

20 or 40?
The total cost of cargo transportation depends on the size of containers for intermodal transportation. Let's consider what and for which transportation is more suitable:

20 feet container:
- this is the move of a 1-2 room apartment, it accommodates 28,200 kg

40 feet container:
- this is a move of a 3-5 room apartment, it accommodates 26,600 kg

There are also refrigerated containers and liquid tankers.

Here the question arises: How does a larger container carry fewer kilograms? Answer: A 40-foot container is built in such a way that it can carry bulk cargo of less weight.

LCL containers are suitable for moves or shipments that do not require a full 20-foot or 40-foot container. But our company has a minimum volume of cargo, less than which we do not transport (indicate which one). Why so? Because we treat clients' funds responsibly and carefully, and by this action we reduce the cost of small moves.

Containers that are fully loaded are FCLs. When ordering such a container, you pay for the entire container and all your goods are transported together, in one place. The main thing is that other people's goods are not added to them. Therefore, the risk of losing something is reduced.

You can order the transportation of any cargo by any container on our website's main page. Our managers will calculate everything with the maximum benefit for you and help you choose the fastest methods of delivery to or from Ukraine.
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