Goods from China, which will be bought in 2023
Order goods from China that will be purchased in 2023, not just "will"

It is time to prepare for the spring season and to buy goods that will be useful to gardeners, home-made vegetables lovers and agricultural enterprises. Why should you buy equipment and products for fields and gardens now? Because in winter you can sell them with a discount of 30%-40%, and in the season to bring margin up to 100%. Profitable? Oh!

But how do you not guess the goods and it is profitable to transport it from China to Ukraine? In this article we will tell you.
TOP demand goods in spring 2023

Seasonal sales of goods from China are profitable because it does not require serious investments. And it is almost impossible to make mistakes with the choice of products for sale. Plus, seasonal goods always have a great demand, easily pays off and allows entrepreneurs to get a decent profit.

So what to buy for spring 2023?
We have been with 2 businessmen, who have been engaged in the drone for 4 years and have been successfully working in modern realities. And they gave the following recommendations for start-up entrepreneurs:

- Garden tools
Experienced gardeners purchase shovels, rakes, plusas, sapas, shoals, nose for the living fence, bushes, nose for the cutting of the living fence, skateors, knots, branches knots, garden saw, It is cheaper to make the sokiri on OLX. And more often, it is on this platform entrepreneurs sell goods from China. Because for businessmen and buyers it is more profitable and faster than to search for instruments from the Ukrainian bank and to pay for them.

- Suction cups
This is a product about client pain. If you are familiar with marketing concepts, you understand that people buy what they most hurt. In the case of gardeners, they are sick of destruction of their products by various insects. The solution to this bill is protective and safe advocates, which can be purchased cheap in China and sold profitably in Ukraine.

- Containers for gardening
Boom on microgreens, remember? People grow microgreens in themselves on the balcony, the countryside, in restaurants and cafes. It requires containers that you can buy and sell to all concerned Ukrainians about your body. Demand is tested.

- Sport
Yes, this is a little different topic. But so many boys, sports women and men in tournaments as spring, you will never meet. After all, everyone (without exaggeration) is preparing for the summer. In many people there is a syndrome of care about physical health. And people are massively bored sports rubber, jogging shoes, low-cost clothes, muscles, yoga kilos. All of this takes off from China and creates a huge profit for the recontinuers.

And how to transport everything to come on time?

Only with the help of carriers, which guarantee the observance of deadline and provide favorable conditions of delivery from China to Ukraine. Of course, we will speak about ourselves, but not for the purpose of praising. And in order to take responsibility for your transportation and promptly, carefully deliver it at the right time, in the right place.

Under the terms of favorable delivery we mean:
- 100% adherence to deadline;
- possibility to track your cargo;
- constant price for transportation (which is rare);
- absence of customs problems;
- Provide warehouses in China and Ukraine for storage of goods;
- guarantee for product integrity.

The main thing! Remember the time of delivery and order the goods and transportation on time, or more precisely — now. Since the war cargo goes 60-75 days. And this is 2 months, which you can spend on setting up an online store or offline point.

So… will we start your business together? Choose a good for sale from China. Fill in the application on the site to order transportation and forward to build the economic position of Ukraine and earn a living with great opportunities.

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