How Does a freight forwarder work?

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Required documents and informations:
- Packing list or dimension of your cargo
- Commercial Invoice
- Pick up address
- Delivery address
- Cargo ready date
- Permits/PGAs upon request
Your manager goes to work for you
Your manager will review your submission and notify you via our virtual workspace (in development) if any further documents or information are required. They will file for any tariffs needed for transportation.

They will continue to keep you updated on the status of your shipment and we encourage any questions along the way.
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Start of work on cargo transportation
a) Contact the manufacturer to agree on the timing of the readiness of the cargo;
b) Inspection of the cargo at the manufacturer (if necessary);
c) Pick-up of cargo from the manufacturer to the consolidation warehouse;
d) Preparation of documents for original customs clearance;
e) Sending cargo to the port, loading onto a ship;
f) Filing ISF;
g) Departure of the ship
Middle of the way
a) The beginning of customs clearance;
b) Arrival of the ship at the port;
c) Customs Exam (if required);
d) Finish of custom clearance, receiving 7501form;
e) Receiving a delivery order.

DiFreight is a C.O.D service
Finish line
a) Taking a container from the port
b) Delivery of cargo to the warehouse or to Amazon FBA
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