Interesting facts about Jeff Bezos
Interesting facts about Jeff Bezos

As a child, Jeff was adopted by his stepfather Miguel Bezos. Today, the entrepreneur has four children with his ex-wife Mackenzie: three sons and an adopted daughter from China.

▪️As a teenager, Bezos worked as a cook at McDonald's. Also during high school, he founded a small summer camp for elementary school children called DREAM Institute.

▪️Doesn't use an alarm
He does not use an alarm clock and tends to sleep a full eight hours a night. No overnight fires or early wake ups for this CEO.

▪️Bezos made the first tables for himself and Amazon employees.
He could not afford expensive furniture at the beginning of the journey, so he put together tables for the first employees himself, using wooden doors instead of tabletops and boards for legs. Now these tables have become something of an artifact at the company - for over 20 years at Amazon, they have been using various variations of that historically uncomplicated desktop design.

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