Amazon, Etsy or Ebay?
Amazon, Etsy or Ebay?

Choosing a marketplace, you need to pay attention first of all to the product that you plan to sell. If it is handmade, produced in small batches, and its parameters can change quickly, then it is better for a beginner to start with Etsy. The target audience is people looking for unique, personalized handmade products.

▪️It is worth starting sales on Amazon if you already have an established production, even small wholesale, and the assortment of ten positions is at least somewhat unique and differs from China. It also requires certain inventory and upfront investment to purchase Amazon ads and transport the goods to the Amazon warehouse.

▪️If your product is sold directly from the United States, then eBay is the marketplace. Or if you have a USA partner or reseller who will provide this service. The eBay online auction is the second most visited marketplace in the world after Amazon.
The target audience is people who thoughtfully manage funds and go there to save money or buy a unique thing.

Friends, we wish everyone who plans their business an easy start and profitable sales! Our company will be happy to help you transport your goods on mutually beneficial terms. Contact us!

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