Provide for reliable, safe transportation of goods from China to Ukraine
What businessmen face when they are just starting or constantly transporting goods from China to Ukraine:
Lack of information to start the project.
They do not understand where to start, which delivery method to choose, and why everyone has a different price and time frame.
Deadlines are constantly being missed.
You are promised a certain amount of time for shipping, but in fact, they are always 30-40% longer. As a rule, there is only one reason - the queue at customs.
The price at the end changes unexpectedly.
You have agreed on one price, but when the cargo arrives in Ukraine, you will be invoiced with a price that is much higher.
The cargo is detained at the border.
You are given a relatively low cost of transportation. But in the end it turns out that your goods were detained and, as a result, confiscated at customs. This is because the carrier, in an attempt to save money, deliberately incorrectly registered the cargo.
The items are lost or damaged.
The worst option is when the goods are not received, or when they are received and some part of it is damaged. As a rule, the shipping company cannot be found or they refuse to resolve this incident.
It is not clear where the cargo is.
You are in an information vacuum. All you do is try to get through and find out at least some information about the status of where your product is now.

We connect trading platforms with logistics hubs into a single infrastructure
Do you understand where to start?

When you first start working with China, there are many questions. We will advise you in detail: we will explain how the price is formed, what are the alternatives for the delivery of your cargo and we will tell you about possible pitfalls. It will be easier for you to make the right decision about how and with whom to work.

Everything will be delivered on time.
We do not underestimate the terms to convince you to work with us and do not overestimate in order to be on the safe side. We set the deadlines as they are - 60 days, because everything is already debugged and works like a Swiss watch.
You are always aware of where your cargo is.

You receive a SMS about the status of the cargo at each stage, as it moves to your warehouse.
Price will not change.
When you contact us to calculate the cost of delivery, we ask you for detailed information about the product (weight, volume, price) and give you the cost. We fix the price only after the goods arrive at our warehouse in China. There we will double-check everything; in fact, if the information you gave us when calculating the price was correct - the price will not change.
The goods will not be confiscated.

We declare everything that we carry, so there are no problems with customs. Unfortunately, we cannot help with the following product categories: weapons, food, medicines or top brands.
Your supply information is private.

We do not share information about your supplier or about you in general. Therefore, if you or someone else asks us to tell you some information about any of our clients, we will politely refuse.
The product will not be lost and will arrive without damage.

The cargo is insured from the moment we receive it in our warehouse in China until it arrives in Ukraine. Having our own staff and personal warehouses in Ukraine and China gives us the opportunity to work utilizing our own business processes; therefore, we can easily control the integrity of the cargo. Even if something is slightly damaged, we will compensate.
8 reasons why you can rely on DiFreight, giving you peace of mind
Own our warehouses in Ukraine and China.

Our staff and streamlined processes.

Fixed price and terms.
Traffic status updates.

Carriage contract.

Insurance for goods.
Declaration of cargo.
Individual approach to everyone.

Stages of delivery of your goods from China to Ukraine in 60 days

Consultation, price calculation and contract.
1 day
In order to correctly calculate the cost, so that it does not change later, you need to provide maximum information about the product - type, brand, number of units, package volume and total gross weight of the entire batch.
Within 30 minutes we will give you a price for the delivery of your cargo on a turnkey basis.
When the price is agreed upon, we will write up a contract with you and issue all instructions and information for marking your cargo before shipment.

10 days
40 days
We pick up the goods at the warehouse or your supplier brings them to us. Then we take, measure, weigh and fix the cost with you. The price of the shipping process can change only if the initial information of the cargo was incorrect.
Then we load the container with the cargo onto the ship and wait for the dispatch.

Arrival of the goods at our warehouse in China, checking them and preparing them to send.
Shipping across the sea
Your cargo is transported across the sea from the port of Shenzhen to the port of Odessa.
10 days
Arrival at the warehouse in Ukraine.
In Odessa, your cargo is cleared through customs. Then we transport it to our warehouse in Kiev.
Upon arrival, we will contact you and confirm your delivery address.
Do business here and now, but don't struggle with logistics.
We use the latest technologies to optimize your freight traffic when interacting with us.

After sending us the information, our system makes a logical calculation. Normally within 15 minutes, the transportation cost associated with the logistics of your product is available to you.

As a free bonus, based on the results of a dialogue or chat with one of our specialists, you get our options on how you can optimize or reduce your transportation costs and avoid possible shipping delays that you might otherwise encounter.

Contact us and get your rates calculated in 15 minutes!
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