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Each year, the efficiency of online trading increases, and more and more people place orders in online stores.

Fulfillment is a handy and effective set of operations that starts from the moment a customer places an order until they receive their purchase.

Retail business owners must consider storing, assembling, and shipping goods to customers. Storage volume and maintenance costs can be significant when purchasing goods wholesale and storing them until they are sold.

Fulfillment can help you save money.


Order processing
Consolidation in the exporting country
Delivery of the batch to the destination countries of sale
Acceptance of goods in the warehouse, entering them into the system
Processing of goods in case of return
Orders delivery
Assembly and packaging
Goods storage


You pay only for the space occupied by your product.
You pay only for the fulfillment service.
Order assembling and warehouse accounting processes are automated.
Orders are quickly and efficiently transferred for shipment.
You have more free time for business development and increasing sales.
Regardless of the season, all orders are processed responsibly and on time.
Paying rent for an empty warehouse during seasonal downturns.
Selection, training, and control of warehouse employees, including salaries, sick leave, vacation, and motivation.
Unorganized warehouse accounting may lead to assembly and labeling errors.
The shipping process can be challenging for the store.
The store may focus too heavily on logistics, neglecting innovation and marketing.
During peak season, delivery times may be longer than usual due to insufficient resources and staff.


The Ysell system has advanced functionality that allows efficient preparation and shipment of goods to FBA and FBM and streamlined tracking of deliveries and returns management. 

Moreover, several other valuable features in the system facilitate working with Amazon and other trading platforms. You can effortlessly manage every process stage as it seamlessly integrates with your Amazon account and other platforms such as eBay, Shopify, etc.

The software is currently running at our warehouse in New Jersey, USA.



Fulfillment-Box - a network of prep centers - is a large German holding that maintains warehouses and provides logistics services for e-commerce.

The company currently has fulfillment warehouses in various European countries, including Germany, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, and Turkey, as well as in the USA (Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Salem, Oregon) and Canada. 

We use the services of prep centers in Germany, Poland, and Great Britain. Learn more: Global Fulfillment Center for E-commerce - Fulfillment-Box.


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Optimization of costs for warehouse rental, communication, and personnel
Quick processing and cargo dispatch
Expansion of shipping geography
Opportunity to expand sales channels through marketplaces
Increase in turnover by increasing customer loyalty
Personal manager and the ability to track inventory in a bot
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Managing logistics for a company engaged in international trade is complex and costly in terms of time, finances, and effort. As a result, many businesses choose to outsource their warehouse services in Europe or the USA to logistics providers. Fulfillment is one of the most popular services in this field, as it allows a significant portion of the supply chain organization to be transferred to a third-party professional executor.

Why Fulfillment is Essential for Your Business

Warehouse services that offer full-cycle support are highly sought after among Ukrainian entrepreneurs aiming to establish successful and profitable online trading. In E-commerce, fulfillment entails organizing all logistics processes, from receiving orders from customers in an online store to dispatching assembled packages from the warehouse. Additionally, handling product returns is also possible.

Such a model's advantages are:

  • Significant Cost Reduction. Fulfillment drastically cuts logistics expenses, including warehouse maintenance, staff training, wages, technical upkeep of warehouse equipment, utility bills, and more.
  • Convenience of Service. Fulfillment centers provide a comprehensive range of services without the need to engage multiple third-party organizations such as carriers, courier services, or warehouse lessors.
  • Time Efficiency. One of the most significant Benefits of outsourcing fulfillment tasks is the time it saves for entrepreneurs. By delegating these responsibilities, they can devote more time and energy to core business objectives such as customer acquisition, marketing, and expanding into new markets.
  • Competitive Pricing. When provided by a domestic company like DiFreight, warehouse services in the USA or Europe often come at accessible rates.
  • Enhanced Customer Service. Fulfillment warehouses operate efficiently and seamlessly, ensuring prompt order processing and delivery, even during seasonal demand spikes. This level of service can significantly improve customer satisfaction and enhance your business's reputation.

Types of Fulfillment

Two distinct types of services are available depending on the specifics of your target audience: B2B Fulfillment and B2C Fulfillment. Understanding the differences between these two can help you decide which one best suits your business needs.

  1. B2B Fulfillment. Sellers target small companies like dental offices or beauty salons. While the number of orders is typically small, wholesale volumes and product varieties can be substantial. Cross-docking - organizing freight flows to eliminate prolonged storage, is often possible.
  2. B2C Fulfillment. This service is designed for online retailers that handle retail orders. This scenario often has a reverse trend: the number of orders is significant, but individual order volumes are small. The efficiency of high-speed order processing is crucial, ensuring that your customers receive their orders promptly and enhancing their shopping experience.

Fulfillment Services at Favorable Conditions from DiFreight

We offer our clients a full range of services or individual stages of the logistics chain. To achieve this, we have established prep centers in the USA and own warehouse spaces in Europe and China.

When clients order fulfillment services from our company, they can be assured that at each stage, all tasks will be executed with the utmost responsibility:

  1. Consolidation of shipments from foreign suppliers.
  2. Organizing their delivery to our warehouse.
  3. Receipt at the warehouse according to quantity and volume, with inspection if necessary.
  4. Responsible storage under optimal conditions (temperature, humidity, ventilation). Our fulfillment warehouses are equipped with modern facilities, and their operations are integrated with an automated tracking and control system.
  5. Assembly and packaging of parcels according to customer orders.
  6. Delivery to the end consumer through courier services.

Pricing for Fulfillment Services at DiFreight

According to our fulfillment tariffs, prices are calculated individually for each client based on the list of conditions. The final number of factors include:

  • Monthly or weekly sales volume.
  • Weight and dimensions of parcels sent to the end consumer.
  • Inspection, repackaging, branding, and handling returns.
  • Domestic delivery.

How to Order Fulfillment Services from DiFreight?

To order fulfillment services from DiFreight, you can contact our manager by phone or the website's online form. They will answer all questions about the scope and geography of services and tariffs, help choose the most convenient and advantageous service scheme, and calculate its cost. We work with clients based on a contract, as we bear real responsibility for the preservation of goods and the quality of services provided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Needs Fulfillment Services?

Fulfillment services are primarily in demand among business owners in the E-commerce sector, both in small online stores and large marketplaces. For the former, they are the optimal option for entering a new market with minimal initial investment, while for the latter, they are an opportunity to reduce logistics costs.

What Does This Service Include?

It involves comprehensive customer service, from order processing in an online store or marketplace to delivery to the specified address. The cycle includes receiving goods from the supplier at the warehouse, placement, storage, accounting, picking and packing orders, and organizing delivery.

Do Fulfillment Centers Handle Returns?

Many logistics operators provide similar services. Our company also organizes the return of goods to the warehouse for further resale, minimizing losses for the seller.

Do Warehousing Services in China Include a Full-Service Cycle?

No, in China, our company does not provide fulfillment services. This is due to China's complex logistics and regulatory environment, which requires different expertise and resources that we currently do not have. However, we provide many other beneficial warehouse services in China, such as on-site inspection, consolidation, storage, and loading.

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