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  • On-site warehouse inspection
  • Supplier verification and on-site factory inspection
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When it comes to the quality of your goods or your supplier, DiFreight is your reliable partner. We offer two convenient inspection options: on-site at the warehouse or directly at the production site in China. Our inspections are tailored to your specific requirements, and we provide a comprehensive report complete with photos, videos, and detailed findings.

Our goal is to gather comprehensive information about your cargo:

  • Specifications;
  • Configuration;
  • Packaging conditions.

We'll inform you immediately if the goods don't meet your price, quality, or requirements.

No need to spend your time flying to China.


warehouse inspection
On-site <br> warehouse inspection
Supplier verification and
on-site factory inspection
Supplier verification and <br> on-site factory inspection


1 Standard Inspection

Our standard inspection process may vary depending on the type of product.

  • Inspection includes checking the conformity of the product name, quantity, size (only alphanumeric values), and color (not shade).
  • 2-3 photos of the product included
2 Customized Inspection
  • Please provide us a detailed description of the parameters to be checked: color, size, fabric, functionality, components, contents, etc.

Our warehouse staff will thoroughly inspect the product based on all parameters and provide photo or video reports.

If anything does not meet the agreed parameters, we immediately inform the client and assist in resolving the issue with the Chinese manufacturer.

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Please fill out and send us the detailed service request form.
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Provide inspection details, such as factory location, inspection objectives, and your requirements.
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Notify the factory manager of the inspection and provide our contact information.
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We conduct a preliminary task analysis to ensure your request is feasible.
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You review our proposal, make a 100% prepayment for our services, and we schedule the inspection date and time with the manufacturer.
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We inform you of all the details on the inspection day in real time.
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After the inspection, you receive a detailed report, along with inspection photos and videos.
When an on-site inspection is necessary?
  • You've found a manufacturer but want to determine their integrity and the company's existence.
  • You need to verify the quality of the materials and components of the product.
  • An audit of the production process at the facility is required.
  • The ordered batch of goods is ready, but you're interested in the product quality, packaging, and documentation.
  • You're already working with the manufacturer but want to ensure quality.
What is the cost of inspection?

On-site warehouse inspection:

  • The cost is determined based on your technical requirements and the quantity of necessary photos and video materials.

On-site factory inspection:

  • The inspection cost is based on the factory's location and technical requirements.
What are the timelines?
  • We will provide you with the final cost and timeline for the commercial proposal after agreeing on technical specifications.

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On-site Inspection in China

Many Ukrainian entrepreneurs involved in trade or just starting to introduce products from Chinese manufacturers to the market often underestimate the importance of on-site inspection services in China. However, receiving a batch of inadequate quality or incorrect specifications poses significant risks, as returning it is highly problematic. On average, sea freight from China takes 60-65 days, which makes returns practically impossible. 

Additionally, purchasing test samples does not guarantee that the Chinese partner will be reliable.

What do you Need to Know about Product Quality On-site Inspection in China?

The most accessible and straightforward way to minimize risks is to inspect the quality of the goods in China before payment and shipment. Modern logistics companies provide a comprehensive range of services, allowing business owners to delegate logistics tasks to professional executors. This may include searching for suppliers in China and controlling their production.

The main thing for a business owner in Ukraine to understand is the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Key indicators include capacity, productivity, dimensions, weight, thickness, etc.
  2. Set of functions and their compliance with the manufacturer's specifications.
  3. Packaging. If necessary, on-site product inspection in China may include checking the presence of accessories, connection cables, adapters, and spare parts in the packaging.
  4. Packaging and labeling. Here, it is necessary to check the box's thickness, material, reliability, and all essential information on the label (batch number, barcode, date of manufacture).
  5. The presence of the logo, color matching, size, placement, etc.

Why is Cargo Cn-site Inspection in China Necessary?

Conducting quality control of goods in China before shipping to Ukraine presents a significant opportunity for every entrepreneur to reduce potential losses. It's been observed that about 30% of Chinese goods supplied may not meet specific requirements, leading to potential financial setbacks. However, the expenses for conducting expert inspections have been proven to pay off several times, making it a wise investment for your business.

Inspection is relevant in several cases:

  • Beginning cooperation with a new supplier.
  • Quality control of materials and components at the production stage.
  • Audit of the manufacturing process at the factory.
  • Inspection of goods in China at the warehouse regarding packaging quality and availability of necessary documentation.

What Types of On-site Inspections Can Be Conducted in China?

The quality control services provided by professional inspectors are divided into two categories depending on the location:

  1. On-site inspection of the received batch at the warehouse. This involves a visual assessment of packaging and labeling. If necessary, our specialist unpacks and checks the completeness and condition of the goods. These actions are part of warehouse services in China and occur before cargo consolidation and cargo shipment.
  2. Supplier verification and on-site factory inspection in China. In this case, the inspector visits the production facility to check the parameters and characteristics of raw materials, components, technology compliance, quality control systems, etc.

Order the On-site Inspection of Chinese Supplier Service from DiFreight

Our On-site inspection in China service aims to verify the finished batch's compliance with the manufacturer's declared technical specifications and nomenclature. Our qualified experts conduct this inspection. They assess the packaging, carefully open individual boxes to check the completeness and absence of defects, and generate a photo report for the client. All these manipulations are carried out at our Chinese warehouse.

If necessary, our expert can visit the factory to perform quality control during the production stage.


What type of properties can be inspected in China?

Our experts can check and evaluate all aspects of the product: technical specifications, functionality, materials used, completeness, packaging, and labeling.

How much does this service cost at DiFreight?

The cost is calculated case-by-case and depends on the batch's volume and the complexity of controlling specific parameters.

How is the on-site supplier from China inspection conducted?

If necessary, an inspection visit to the supplier's production facility can inspect materials, manufacturing processes, etc.

Is it possible to return a cargo if significant defects are found?

Returning the cargo while still in the supplier country is feasible and much more accessible than processing a return from Ukraine.

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