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Commission for Direct Product Purchase service  for new clients is 5%  of the invoice value.
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Are you tired of the complexities and stress of purchasing goods from Chinese websites? At DiFreight, we offer a comprehensive range of services for purchasing on Alibaba, 1688, and Taobao, relieving you of the burden and allowing you to focus on your business.

We aim to make the entire process as simple and convenient as possible for you. Just share the link of the product you want to purchase, and we'll take care of the rest. We handle everything from negotiating with manufacturers to securing the best price, placing orders, and making payments in China. We understand your unique needs and guarantee top-notch service. You can trust us to handle the technical details and negotiation of terms - that's what we're here for.


Almost all sellers communicate solely in Chinese on popular platforms, while English is less common. Communication between suppliers and buyers usually involves one or both parties using translation tools. Unfortunately, this type of dialogue often leads to misunderstandings and confusion, resulting in receiving a product that does not meet the stated requirements.

Purchasing goods can be done through:

  • an invoice;
  • a link;
  • direct contact with the supplier.


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DiFreight China Redemption Team:

Chanh Bao-Er (张宝儿)
Chanh Bao-Er (张宝儿)
Head of Procurement Division from China
Tkacheva Anastasiia
Tkacheva Anastasiia
Buyer's assistant
Daria Bitlian
Daria Bitlian
Nadiia Pyvovarenko
Nadiia Pyvovarenko
Logistician of the Procurement Department
Yana Mukiienko
Yana Mukiienko
Logistician of the Procurement Department
Coordinator of Chinese infrastructure


Icon Clear payment schedule, twice a week
Icon Up-to-date USD/CNY exchange rates
Icon Our agents are native Chinese speakers
Icon We ensure confidentiality of agreements (we never disclose client suppliers' information to third parties)
Icon Provide a full range of services in China


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Procurement includes:

  • After filling out the table with a link to the product and a description of its characteristics, the buyer initiates the product purchase
  • We deliver the parcel to you directly from the supplier in the same condition as received
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Procurement with detailed inspection includes:

  • After filling out the table with a link to the product and a description of its characteristics, the buyer initiates the product purchase
  • Verification of conformity to the product name, quantity, size (only alphanumeric values), and color (not shade). In case of discrepancies in the description or quantity, upon your decision, we will arrange a return to the supplier for replacement or reimbursement of the purchase cost
  • Includes 1-3 photos of the product from different angles
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We will purchase the goods
from the seller
We will purchase the goods <br> from the seller
We will make payment according
to the contract
We will make payment according <br> to the contract
We will ship the goods
We will ship the goods
We will deliver your goods within optimal terms and at favorable fees
We will deliver your goods within optimal terms and at favorable fees


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Information Gathering about the Product

You provide information about the product you wish to purchase: direct links to the product, quantity, size, and color (if applicable). You fill out this data into the table.

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Availability Check

At this stage, our procurement specialist checks the product's availability and updates the prices. If any items are unavailable during purchase, you either select a replacement or opt out of them. In this case, the remaining funds are either credited for the next order or deducted from the shipment cost.

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Commercial Proposal

We send you a commercial proposal detailing the negotiation outcomes and the cost of our services.

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Payment for the Products

Once you review the proposal and pay for both the goods and our services, we will begin the process. If all the items you have ordered are in stock, and there are no shortages or errors from the supplier during product acquisition, we will dispatch your goods to the warehouse within 1-7 days. The final terms will depend on the number of links in your order and the distance between the cities where the product is being sourced.

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Order Placement

As soon as we receive your funds, we will place the order with the supplier in China, ensuring secure payment transactions.

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Warehouse Inspection

Before dispatching the products from China, we conduct a comprehensive inspection at our warehouse in Foshan. The inspection includes quality checks, verification of the quantity, and ensuring adherence to the order specifications. We aim to ensure that all products are ready for further consolidation and shipment with minimal risk to the Customer.

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Cargo Consolidation

Following inspection and quality confirmation, we proceed with cargo consolidation (LCL). This cargo shipment allows you to optimize freight flows and reduce delivery costs by consolidating shipments from various suppliers.

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Delivery to Ukraine

Following inspection at our warehouse, your goods will be shipped to Ukraine.


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1 How many items and what are their specifications (size, color, model, or other parameters)?

The more detailed the description and the more precise the product specifications are, the quicker the search or purchase process. The product's price and delivery cost also depend on the quantity.

2 Do you have any additional preferences regarding the product?

If you have any preferences for samples, pricing, branding, or configuration changes, please include them in the table. This will help DiFreight buyers consider them during purchase and search.

3 Is it necessary to inspect the goods for functionality and defects?

If you have concerns about defects in the goods, if this is your first order from the Chinese supplier, or if you have ordered a large batch of goods, it is recommended to conduct an on-site inspection. We can help you with the inspection process, check the goods, and provide you with actual photos and videos. If the goods are non-compliant, we will return them to the supplier.

Redemption of goods

Fill in the information about the product you want to purchase in the form below
Product information
Delivery from China to Ukraine Delivery from China to Ukraine
Delivery of mats for sports from China Delivery of mats for sports from China
Why is the delivery delayed? | Let's talk. Logistics Why is the delivery delayed? | Let's talk. Logistics

Efficient Direct Product Purchase in China

An increasing number of businesses are opting to purchase products directly from China. This service involves a third-party organization conducting a thorough search for the required items on various platforms, negotiating with Chinese suppliers, and formalizing purchase agreements legally. If necessary, the organization also performs preliminary searches for suppliers in China. China market specialists compare proposals from multiple vendors to ensure the best outcome.

What are the benefits of using a Direct Product Purchase Service?

By utilizing a third-party provider to order directly from Chinese suppliers, you can delegate the responsibility of a crucial link in the logistics chain to an experienced professional with established connections in the field in China.

Outsourcing procurement can minimize the risk of dealing with unreliable sellers, receiving defective items, or receiving completely different products from what you ordered. A responsible intermediary for purchasing in China takes care of all the hassle in another country, including warehouse services in China. This significantly reduces the time, financial, and labor costs for the resale company to implement this stage.

As a result, business owners can free up resources to focus on critical goals such as expanding their customer base, promoting their brand, and increasing profitability.

Who is the Direct Product Purchase Service designed for?

The Direct Product Purchase Service is suitable for all types of trading enterprises in Ukraine, whether they operate online or offline. Outsourcing logistics stages, such as product sourcing and delivery from China, can benefit the following types of businesses: 

  1. Small and medium-sized internet stores specializing in one or two product categories. 
  2. Large marketplaces that offer a wide range of products. 
  3. Wholesale organizations with various retail outlets, from small stores to hypermarkets.

Benefits of Direct Product Purchase from Chinese Websites

Well-organized product sourcing from China can help solve several issues and tasks:

  1. Overcoming the language barrier and cultural differences. Purchases are typically handled by a native speaker specialist who fully understands the peculiarities of Chinese traditions, values, and culture.
  2. Possibility to check the cargo for completeness and absence of defects. This service is called On-site Inspection in China and can be ordered by prior agreement. If the Client is dissatisfied with the quality of the goods, we can negotiate the returns.
  3. Minimizing the risk of entering a supply contract with scammers as we pre-screen every seller.
  4. Access to a full range of logistic services. Depending on the specialization of the service provider, assistance in purchasing goods from China may include fulfillment (warehousing services), organizing delivery to a warehouse in Ukraine, cargo insurance, customs clearance, etc.

Comprehensive Direct Product Purchase Services from DiFreight

Our experts handle the entire range of tasks, from receiving the Client's request to shipping from China to our warehouse in Ukraine. The complete process includes the following stages:

  1. Finding a reliable supplier or manufacturer of the required product in China.
  2. Purchasing from Chinese websites, including negotiating the best price and discounts in terms of cost and discounts.
  3. Inspecting the products for quality and completeness.
  4. Availing additional warehouse services such as consolidation, repackaging, and palletizing.
  5. Delivery of the goods from China to our warehouse in Ukraine by air or ocean freight.
  6. Carrying out a customs clearance at the border with Poland, including completing all the necessary paperwork.

DiFreight simplifies complex tasks, making procurement and cargo shipping outsourcing a rational choice.


What does Direct Product Purchase in China include?

The service includes placing an order for the items listed by the Client, negotiating discounts, concluding agreements, and making the payment on behalf of the Client.

Why is product inspection necessary?

Inspecting the seller's packaging and opening the batch allows for verifying cargo quantity, quality, and completeness before crossing the Ukrainian border. Once the cargo arrives in Ukraine, returns become difficult to process.

How long does a product purchase in China and its shipping to Ukraine take?

Delivery times can vary depending on the specifics and complexity of the procurement order (from several hours to several days) and the type of transportation used (air or sea).

Can I request a search for the required product at DiFreight?

Certainly, we provide a Product Search service and compile a table with the best supplier offers for our Clients. The search for the first product is free of charge.

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