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Fulfillment by Amazon

This is a service offered by Amazon that allows sellers to utilize Amazon's warehouse facilities for order processing, storage, packaging, and delivery to end consumers.

It is important to understand that when selecting FBA, Amazon is not liable for customs clearance, nor does it act as the consignee or importer in the USA. The Amazon warehouse is only mentioned and utilized in shipping documents as the delivery destination and for the unloading of goods.

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We use our tried-and-true templates, which allow for quick and convenient input of necessary information and formatting, simplifying the workflow and helping to avoid errors.

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Our established process allows us to reliably supply Amazon warehouses in the USA and Europe, preventing stock replenishment disruptions.

Icon Own FBM centers

If your Amazon account limits are exceeded, you can use our warehouse facilities in the USA and Europe as a backup option to prevent supply disruptions for your business.

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You can relax knowing we handle your cargo's packaging, palletizing, and labeling during delivery.

Icon Customs procedures

We can handle customs clearance, declarations, and document preparation. Our team will also help you find the most suitable delivery options for your cargo.

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We are taking care of all organizational aspects of transportation, from receiving goods at the manufacturer's warehouse to delivery at the Amazon warehouse, allowing you to focus entirely on sales.



A growing number of Ukrainian entrepreneurs are worried about how to ship their goods to an Amazon warehouse from Ukraine as they seek to introduce their products to American consumers. Amazon is one of the top marketplaces in the world, enabling Ukrainian manufacturers to offer their products to millions of users in the USA.

Moreover, it is possible to organize cooperation with the marketplace remotely. The key is to carefully consider how to deliver goods to an Amazon warehouse while minimizing costs and complying with customs regulations.

What is Amazon FBA, and why is it needed?

One of the key advantages of this online marketplace is the FBA warehouse (Fulfillment by Amazon). This service provides sellers, including Ukrainian ones, with warehouse services in the USA. They may include:

  • Receiving cargo at the warehouse;
  • Providing well-equipped equipped warehouse spaces;
  • Placement and storage services that are tailored to the characteristics and specifications of the goods;
  • Order picking, labeling, and packaging for orders received from the final consumer;
  • Delivery to the end consumer;
  • Handling returns.

It is crucial to understand that Amazon's warehouse, specifically its FBA service, plays a significant role in the selling process. It offers a wide range of services that cover everything from storing the product to shipping it to the customer. However, it is important to note that Amazon does not act as the recipient of the goods in the USA and is not responsible for the customs clearance process.

What types of products can be shipped to Amazon FBA warehouses?

Amazon, a globally recognized marketplace, offers a wide array of consumer goods. This diversity is mirrored in the products Ukrainian entrepreneurs and manufacturers ship to Amazon warehouses. The range is extensive, from unique handmade toys and accessories to clothing, footwear, and interior items crafted in their factory facilities.

For Ukrainian manufacturers venturing into the American market, ensuring the proper quality of their products is not just a suggestion, it's a necessity. Failing to do so could lead to reputational damage and a decline in future demand.

It's crucial to be aware that specific categories necessitate certification for delivery to Amazon. These include

  • toys, 
  • children's cribs,
  • lighting devices, and 
  • medicines or dietary supplements. 

Being well-informed about these requirements can help Ukrainian manufacturers avoid potential setbacks.

How does DiFreight deliver goods to Amazon warehouses?

We offer shipment of goods from Ukraine using two types of transport:

  • Ocean freight: The journey typically takes 25-45 days on average. The main advantage is that ocean freight to the USA is cost-effective. Shipments from multiple manufacturers are grouped into a single shipment, known as consolidated cargo or less than container load (LCL), which considerably reduces transportation costs.
  • Air freight: Air delivery to Amazon warehouses can be completed in up to 10 days, but the cost is significantly higher. Additionally, air freight to the USA involves less hassle with packaging and insurance.

It's important to understand that DiFreight experts take care of the cargo at all stages of transportation: from our warehouse in Ukraine to its receipt at our warehouse in America and its shipment to Amazon FBA. We take responsibility for ensuring integrity, customs clearance at the Ukrainian border, and customs clearance upon the cargo's arrival in the USA.

How much does delivery to the Amazon FBA warehouse cost with DiFreight?

Our team needs complete cargo details for accurate delivery to Amazon price calculation. The final price depends on various factors, such as the product type, weight, dimensions, and complexity of the customs documentation. Moreover, the mode of transportation, whether by air or sea, significantly affects the final cost of the service.


Is it possible to send goods to Amazon via courier service?

International courier services have offices in several major cities in Ukraine, and they are capable of handling small shipments to Amazon FBA. However, it is important to note that they are not responsible for customs clearance in the United States. If there are any issues during the shipment process, the package will be returned to the sender. In such cases, the Ukrainian manufacturer must cover all transportation costs.

What are the advantages of Amazon FBA for businesses?

Amazon FBA service takes care of all warehouse storage and delivery tasks to the end consumer, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on implementing their strategy and achieving key goals. Additionally, it improves the quality of customer service in the United States, contributing to increased sales.

Is customs clearance included if DiFreight delivers goods to an Amazon warehouse?

Certainly, customs clearance and clearance in both Ukraine and the USA are part of our service package to ensure that the products can be legally distributed to an end consumer.

What type of transportation is optimal for cargo shipping?

Shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses by air transport is much faster but significantly more expensive than shipping by sea.

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