Automation of warehouse processes, from storage, processing and delivery of your goods
Cooperating with DiFreight you get:
The possibility of expanding sales channels through marketplaces
Personal manager and the ability to track stocks in your personal account
Expansion of delivery geography
Increasing turnover by increasing customer loyalty
Prompt processing and dispatch of orders
Optimization of costs for renting warehouse space, communications and personnel
Fulfillment is a very useful and effective set of operations from the moment the buyer places an order to the moment he receives the purchase.
The owner of any trading business must worry about where he will store his goods, where exactly the assembly will take place and from where it will be delivered to the buyer. If you buy goods in bulk yourself and store them until the sale, the amount of storage can be quite large, as well as the overhead costs. Fulfillment - allows you to save!
Each year the efficiency of online trade increases and more and more people place orders in online stores.
Processing the order
Consolidation in the sender's country
Delivery of the batch to the country of sale
Acceptance of goods in the warehouse, entering them into the system
Delivery stages
Storage of goods
Completeness and packaging
Delivery of orders
Acceptance of goods in case of return
Own composition
Payment only for the space occupied by your product.
Payment of rent even for an empty warehouse during a seasonal downturn.
Pays only for the service.
Selection, training and control of personnel. Salary, sick leave, vacation and motivation.
Automation of order picking and warehouse accounting processes.
Due to disorganized accounting in the warehouse, inevitable errors in assembly, labeling, etc.
Transfer of orders for delivery is carried out qualitative and quickly.
Delivery is the "headache" of the store itself.
Free time for business development and sales increase.
The store does not develop, does not look for new ideas and niches, conducts weak marketing due to a large concentration of logistics.
Regardless of the season, all orders are processed efficiently and on time.
Increased delivery times during the peak season due to insufficient resources and personnel.
Ysell - Software for successful business management
The Ysell system includes special functionality for preparing and sending goods to FBA and FBM, as well as for tracking deliveries and work with returns.

In addition, there are a number of other useful features that make working with Amazon and other marketplaces easier. You will be able to easily control each stage. Integration with your Amazon account and other platforms such as Ebay, Shopify etc. is possible.
The program is currently running at our warehouse in New Jersey, USA.
Our partner is Network of 3PL fulfillment centers for e-commerce
Currently, the company has fulfillment-warehouses in several countries in Europe such as Germany, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, the USA (Miami and Chicago, Las Vegas Orlando and Salem (Oregon)) and Canada.
We ourselves use the services of Prep centers in Germany, Poland and the UK,
learn more: Global Fulfillment Center for Ecommerce - Fulfillment-Box
Network of Prep centers Fulfillment-Box is a large German holding, which is engaged in warehouse maintenance and provides 3rd party logistics services for e-commerce.
Accompaniment services
Parcel service
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