The prep center in the USA is a simple way of working with the warehouse
Do the selling, and DiFreight will take care of your goods.
We control every step of our work in one place.
The Prep Center is your eyes and hands in the US for everything related to getting your product to Amazon warehouses.
Do each one sale successful.
How does it work?

with bar codes per product.
for compliance with the listing and damage/flaws.
Placement of stickers
Acceptance and inspection of your goods
Complete product preparation
Product packaging

in additional packaging and protective materials (for example, gift packaging or bubble wrap for fragile goods).
in accordance with all the requirements and rules of the trading platform.
from different suppliers and sent in one batch.
Product consolidation

(forwarding boxes with goods without opening, checking and preparing the contents) of goods by boxes, pallets, machines to Amazon.
Formation of sets.
Ysell - Software for successful business management
The Ysell system includes special functionality for preparing and sending goods to FBA and FBM, as well as for tracking deliveries and work with returns.

In addition, there are a number of other useful features that make working with Amazon and other marketplaces easier. You will be able to easily control each stage. Integration with your Amazon account and other platforms such as Ebay, Shopify etc. is possible.
The program is currently running at our warehouse in New Jersey, USA.
Our partner is Network of 3PL fulfillment centers for e-commerce
Currently, the company has fulfillment-warehouses in several countries in Europe such as Germany, Austria, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, the USA (Miami and Chicago, Las Vegas Orlando and Salem (Oregon)) and Canada.
We ourselves use the services of Prep centers in Germany, Poland and the UK,
learn more: Global Fulfillment Center for Ecommerce - Fulfillment-Box
Network of Prep centers Fulfillment-Box is a large German holding, which is engaged in warehouse maintenance and provides 3rd party logistics services for e-commerce.
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