How to calculate the cost of shipping from China?
How to calculate the cost of shipping from China?

Are you planning to start cooperation with the Chinese market? Do you want to transport goods and not overpay for logistics? At Defreight, we know how to help you. But before that, we suggest that you understand the specifics of cooperation with the Chinese so that you immediately understand your risks and know how to avoid problems and fraud on the part of suppliers. Today we will consider 3 main questions:

- Problems of newcomers in cooperation with China.
- We connect trading platforms with our services.
- What is included in the cost of shipping from China.

And finally, we will give a quick instruction that will help you calculate the cost of transportation from China in 15 minutes and without any mental effort.
Problems of newcomers in cooperation with China

- It is not clear where to start. Why does one carrier have such a price, and another has a different one? Which way and transport to choose in this case, and which in this one? And thousands more questions to which you will not immediately find the answer.
- Increase in terms of transportation. They signed the contract, agreed that the goods would arrive in 60 days, but they have been gone for 75 days. Why? Because there are queues at customs, what are you going to do?
- Unexpectedly more expensive transportation. Initially, we agreed on one amount, but the contractor received the cargo and the price has already increased.
- The product disappears or arrives damaged. No one will solve this problem, because extremes cannot be found.
- You don't know where the goods are. You want to know where your cargo is at the moment, but it is impossible to call the carrier and all you have to do is wait.

The situations are unpleasant and this is a smaller part of them. How to avoid this? Told in the next chapter.

We become one infrastructure!

- We help to start. We advise everyone who wants to start cooperation with China. After the consultation, you will know what the pitfalls are and what type of transportation is best to choose.
- We do not reduce or increase the terms. We tell everyone that delivery takes 60 days, and in 95% of cases, the cargo arrives at the recipient in 40-60 days.
- You know where the cargo is. We provide the opportunity to track your transportation and attach a manager to you who informs you about the cargo at each stage of delivery.
- Fixed price. We do not change the cost of transportation, because before registration we receive detailed information about the product: weight, volume, price. After that, we check your cargo for all the provided indicators and fix the price.
- It will not be lost, it will not be confiscated, it will not be damaged. Everything will be declared and insured from the moment we receive the cargo at the warehouse. You can 100% not worry, because our warehouses in Ukraine and China are staffed by experienced employees. And even if something is somehow damaged, we will compensate the cost.

Which includes the cost of shipping from China

How to calculate the price of transportation from China?
1. Click the button "calculate the cost"
2. Enter your personal data in the form, and add cargo information to the comment.
3. Send the form to us.
4. Wait, the manager will contact you and calculate the cost of delivery.

After 15 minutes, you will be called to consult and name the price of transportation.
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