Difreight Blog Pinduoduo: why is it so cheap and is it worth ordering there?

Pinduoduo: why is it so cheap and is it worth ordering there?

Pinduoduo: why is it so cheap and is it worth ordering there?

I often receive questions about the Pinduoduo platform, which is a large Chinese marketplace that appeared only 7 years ago, but has already managed to become a worthy competitor to TaoBao, Alibaba. And most of the questions I get are about security. People are surprised that the prices can be so low, which is why not everyone trusts Pinduoduo. Today I propose to analyze 3 main questions:

  • On what principle does Pinduoduo work?
  • What is sold on Pinduoduo?
  • How to order goods there at the best prices?

But I offer a couple of sentences about the history of Pinduoduo. It was created by Colin Huang, who was rescued from poverty by a mathematical mindset. Juan has worked in management positions with Google and Microsoft. And then he created successful startups, which he later sold for $20-40 million. In 2015, he developed Pinduoduo with the idea of hemofication, which took off.

How does Pinduoduo work?

The platform creates and unites large groups of people who want to order the same product. Having a wholesale number of buyers, she orders goods from suppliers at the wholesale price. Such an idea allows the budget population to save by buying at huge discounts with the help of Pinduoduo. The most interesting thing is that everyone benefits from this, because buyers buy cheaper than anywhere else, the platform earns from their purchases, and the supplier collects the necessary number of orders to be able to give a discount. And often this number exceeds tens of thousands.

What does Pinduoduo sell?

All. Like most marketplaces. But in 2015 it was a little different. The platform sold vegetables and fruits. The sales peak reached up to 1,000,000 orders. Then meat and seafood were added to the business model. And later everything began to be sold: from cars to paper napkins. Since 2020, the company has started selling apartments, train and plane tickets on the platform. So, Ukrainian buyers can order any goods from China: from gadgets to pans.

Where and how to find discounts?

You have 2 options. Or order a product at the usual price, or participate in a joint purchase with tens of thousands of people. The only thing is that you have to look for profitable positions, because they are not always so simply shown on the main page of the platform. There are also timing issues. Shipment or production of goods takes much longer than when ordering on the 1688 platform. Well, we should not forget that, for example, it is impossible to send 10,000 pairs of headphones to different countries at once, and it also takes time. Also, the marketplace has a lottery that helps to get discount coupons and encourages customers to order more products.

Do you want to start ordering from this platform for a successful commodity business in Ukraine? Consult our managers and they will help you with all questions: from ordering to error-free logistics.

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