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From Ukraine to Poland: new requirements and recommendations for carriers from Ukraine

From Ukraine to Poland: new requirements and recommendations for carriers from Ukraine

On August 19, 2023, a new law of the Republic of Poland came into force, which establishes new rules for carriers engaged in transportation operations between Ukraine and Poland. Here is what it means for carriers from Ukraine.

Main provisions of the law

According to the new law, drivers who perform certain types of transportation operations in Poland or are sent there by their employers (carriers) are considered seconded employees. This provides drivers with employment conditions that are no less favorable than those arising from Polish law, including remuneration for work on the same terms as employees of companies based in Poland.

Therefore, transport companies from countries outside the EU whose drivers carry out international transportation to Poland must provide their drivers with a document confirming their business trips to Polish territory during inspections.

How to organize a business trip for a driver to Poland

Transportation of goods or passengers from third countries to Poland requires careful planning and compliance with the established legal regulations. To avoid any legal and financial troubles, here is a simple algorithm for carriers planning to send drivers to work in Poland.

  1. Create an account. Go to a special government portal and register your company's account using a valid email address.
    Portal where driver's business trips are processed
    Portal where driver's business trips are processed
  2. Obtain an electronic signature and pass verification. The signature can be purchased from a certified EuroCert provider in Poland for additional security and authentication. To verify your identity, you need to come in person or to an online meeting at the office or one of the EuroCert partner centers in Poland.
  3. Activate the business trip service. Log in to your account on the biznes.gov.pl portal and open the service "Report a business trip of a driver from a third country to Poland".
  4. Submit the application. You need to fill out an online declaration, sign it with your electronic signature. Then, send the completed form to the State Labor Inspectorate.

Application form for a driver's business trip to Poland

Application form for a driver's business trip to Poland.

It is important to send an application for a business trip to Poland no later than the start date of the business trip.

Documents for the driver

In addition to properly filling out and sending a business trip application, carriers to Poland also need to provide drivers with certain documents. Among them:

  1. Official confirmation of the business trip. The driver must have a document signed by the employer certifying the official business trip to Poland.
  2. Documents confirming the transportation. For example, consignment notes, relevant permits for international transportation, driver's license.
  3. Records from the tachograph. The driver must have tachograph records that meet generally accepted international standards.

All of these documents must be kept in the vehicle at all times so that the driver can present them during any road checks. Ensuring compliance with these requirements will help you avoid unnecessary problems when transporting goods in Poland.

A driver without proof of business travel during the inspection will receive a fine of PLN 500. In turn, a carrier that violates the legal requirements may be fined in the amount of PLN 4000 - 7000 separately for each violation. Therefore, carriers operating in Poland need to comply with the new requirements to avoid large financial losses.

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