Chinese New Year: to be transported or not?

Chinese New Year: to be transported or not?

Our modest 2-day New Year's celebration cannot be compared to the wild partying during an alternative Chinese holiday. After all, the Chinese celebrate the new year in 2023 for almost 2 weeks. For example, this time the celebration will take place from January 22 to February 5 — 12 days of carnivals, dragons, lights, traditional foods and games on the streets of Beijing.

Question: is this a problem for Ukrainian businesses working with the Chinese market? Will the New Year's event affect delivery times and warehouse operations? Will we be able to receive the shipment on time, and not after the relevance of the purchased item has tripled? We answer in the article.

What should a Ukrainian business do if a Chinese partner crashes into the celebration?

Don't panic. And start looking for reliable and multifunctional carriers. What does multifunctional mean? Those who can organize:

- Cargo control 24/7 despite all the problems with the light. With us, you can track your transportation in your personal account.
- Minimum delivery times despite all the Chinese celebrations. 97% of customers receive their cargo on time, because we use all available modes of transport and have a large partner network abroad.
- Storage of cargo in the warehouse. Our company has warehouses in China where you can store your product before shipping. The warehouse there will be open for receiving goods until January 17, 2023 — this time is enough to arrange and send the shipment if you order it now.
- Delivery of cargo to Shargorod and acceptance of goods. We will receive your item, check its condition and ship it to where you need it.

The offers we provide now are and will be relevant throughout 2023. Moreover, you can currently order transportation for only $250 per cubic meter. A price that opens up many possibilities for you and your business.

What should I do to receive my order on time?

WARNING! The last loading of the container will take place on 10.01. This means that if you want to receive your goods on time with our company, you should hurry to do it before the start of the New Year holidays in China.

We offer! Order shipping now and get 2% cashback on every shipment.

How to do it!? Contact us using the feedback button.

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