What option of delivery of goods from China to Ukraine should you choose today?

What option of delivery of goods from China to Ukraine should you choose today?

Military aggression on the part of Russia complicated the issue of logistics, and some methods of delivery became impossible at all. For example, the most current and fastest air delivery is not currently available. Although according to the news, we will try to resume transport deliveries in the sky as early as 2024. What can you say about passenger planes, which will take to the sky no earlier than 2029, according to the forecasts of the European organization on safety issues.

But what to choose now, so that the product does not spoil, arrives intact and without incident? We share the methods of transportation and analyze their advantages and disadvantages.
Method 1: Sea shipping

An ideal option to save money and transport a large batch of goods by sea. Sea transportation takes from 1.5-2 months, and the goods can sail in 2 different types of containers - FCL (the entire container at your disposal) and LCL - it is suitable for sending and customs clearance of consolidated cargo from China, if you bought from several manufacturers. You should choose according to the quantity of the product and the possibility of waiting. The waiting period depends on the schedule of sea lines, transshipment, cargo clearance in China. The main ports to which we deliver now are Gdansk, Hamburg.

Method 2: Air delivery

Expensive and seasonal goods are currently transported from China to Ukraine in this way. It is expensive, but faster and more reliable than all the methods listed above. The delivery time is extended by 10-15 days. And it is important not to forget that it will be 30-40% cheaper to transport small consignments of goods in transit than by direct flights. Among the main disadvantages, air customs clearance is more expensive and this will affect the price of the product.

You can familiarize yourself with the cargo loading calendar for shipping by sea or air via the link: https://difreight.com/calendar

Looking for ways of transportation yourself or choosing a logistics company?

Once you are on our website, the answer is obvious. Therefore, we would like to present the main arguments why ordering a logistics service is smarter from all sides:

- we take care of customs clearance and transportation issues;
- we have our own warehouses and you will not have to overpay for keeping the goods until shipment;
- we calculate the fastest and most cost-effective delivery methods for you;
- we are responsible for the integrity of your product;
- we take the task on a turnkey basis: you control, we deliver.

To order our services, contact the manager from the main page of the site.
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