TOP 5 weird redemption products that will buy
TOP 5 weird redemption products that will buy

Hello, today I will tell you what impresses me the most about Chinese goods and share the TOP 5 products that this amazing eastern country sells. In general, the Chinese are known for their eccentricity and ingenuity. They create the most unexpected things, which at first seem like junk, and then are actively used in everyday life. For example: catnip balls, gel cleaning cloth, handle for packages and bags, a pan with two compartments and much more.

But today I decided to talk in more detail about my strange Chinese favorites straight off the shelves. So:

PRODUCT 1 — Keyboard projection

If your friend is a gamer or a freelancer and you are already tired of figuring out what to give, this surprise will definitely surprise you. The virtual laser projection connects seamlessly to tablets, phones, and laptops via Bluetooth. The weight of the device is 60 g, and the dimensions are ideal for just throwing it in a pocket of 10x25 cm. However, you need to charge the baby often enough. The device holds a charge for only 2 hours. Of the main functions performed by: direct connection to the computer, keyboard, mouse. In Ukraine, it is actively sold on marketplaces, and therefore there is a demand. The only thing is that I have never seen it live.

PRODUCT 2 — Pocket printer
Of course, it will not work to print a photo on A4. But it's easy to take with you on a trip in a backpack or jacket and take cool photos while walking! I think this is a cool product if your audience is aesthetes and decor lovers, as the printer produces cute, quality photos that can be used to decorate a room or office. In order for the device to work, you need to install an application that will allow you to instantly transfer photos from your phone to the gadget. Paper in the printer can be both color and black and white. Photo size: 58x30 mm.

PRODUCT 3 — Umbrella for dogs
I couldn't resist, I love animals very much. And since the weather in Ukraine promises to be rainy until the end of spring, an umbrella is a good option to keep your pet dry and you to keep your apartment clean after wet walks. It is a 2-in-1 umbrella + leash with a handle. From my own experience, I advise you to buy such a product if you already have an adult dog, small in size and well managed. Puppies and young dogs simply cannot stand strange objects above them. It is available in different colors, but transparent is most often bought. So that you see the dog, and the dog does not worry about the presence of its beloved owner behind.

PRODUCT 4 — Flycatcher plant
If you remember the Ice Age cartoon, there was such a plant. So, in real life, it looks approximately the same. The Chinese sell the seeds of the flycatcher plant, which catches flies, mosquitoes, and small bugs. And in order for you to do everything right and your fly-killing tiger in a pot to grow, a detailed growing instruction is provided.

PRODUCT 5 — Cap for a bottle with a password
And although China is on the 74th place on the list of 170 countries that consume alcohol (Ukraine is on the 6th place), but still — the Chinese population buys this product based on the continuous production of bottle caps with a password. So, yes, a lid with a password will definitely not break the Ukrainian market, but it can become an interesting part of the concept of restaurants, bars or other similar establishments.

No matter what strange goods you order in bulk or individually, our company will deliver them without a single scratch and as quickly as possible. Do you want to start cooperation? Contact our managers using the phone numbers on the main page of the site.
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