DiFreight buyer's blog: TOP goods for redemption in China
DiFreight buyer's blog: TOP goods for redemption in China

Hello! My name is Volodymyr and I am the same person who daily purchases goods for you in China, arranges for transportation within China and receiving at the warehouse, as well as the color and characteristics of the goods. Now I will be constantly running my column on our website in the blog section. And you will be able to follow the world's trending product positions, buy them and sell them win-win in Ukraine.

Every day, people independently buy goods in China. But it is not every day that they manage to guess whether it will sell or not. To make it easier for you to navigate the trends, I will tell you in more detail about the TOP products to buy in China for the spring of 2023.

What to buy right now — my TOP 5

I have compiled a list of the most popular products that are ordered and sold by experienced merchandisers and entrepreneurs. It is these categories that we bring to Ukraine, as they have good profitability and great demand among buyers:

It can be anything from pots, spice racks, electric brushes, to tea sets, iron shelves and mini cabinets. How to understand a buyer who is interested in arranging his space? There is a little trick - look at IKEA or Jysk. These huge aggregators always know what the customer wants. And in general, focus on the needs of buyers - talk to relatives about what they lack and make a list based on this. Also, popular products for the home include: heated lunch boxes, dehumidifiers, heaters, various types of stands.

Toys in China are divided into 2 types: those that break immediately and high-quality ones. I would include sports sets, children's transport, products for newborns, as well as sets for boys: builder, doctor, military and girls sets: doll sets, bead sets, hairdressing sets. Currently, it is very popular to give sets, because they are cheap and look large. Therefore, here - children's toy sets are 100% my top.

Fine jewelry is actively replacing expensive gold and silver, as designers improve their jewelry and fully invest in their creative, interesting look. The main advantage of jewelry is that it is cheap and available to everyone. So there is a demand for it. So, pay attention when choosing a niche, and if you are a woman and you understand beauty issues better than anyone, selling jewelry is a cool idea.

Perfumes for car salons, mats, stands, stands for phones and other gadgets, covers, air fresheners, vacuum cleaners, sponges and rags, windshield washers, thermoses — all this is necessary for drivers. For example, now there are 407 cars per 1,000 Ukrainians, that is, almost every second can and will become your client. The main thing is to sell this type of product on the right platforms, and buy in small batches for the exam.

Yes, you can go for a second, yes, you can buy Ukrainian brands. But not everyone has enough money for Ukrainian brands, and seconds are still shunned. Where to buy then? In China. You buy and sell shoes and clothes in Ukraine much cheaper, and you earn much more. Pay attention to sportswear, swimwear and light summer clothes - they sell extremely well in Ukraine.

And if you need specialist advice on issues of fast and safe logistics, press the feedback button and our manager will contact you. And then I will help you find the necessary product and buy it from the manufacturer at a better price.

What's more, we currently have a super buyback offer of 2.5% for all new customers. The promotion is valid until the end of April, so save time on the purchase and earn on the product!

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