Certification of goods in the USA
Certification of goods in the USA

There are always product groups subject to restrictions:

- goods, the import of which is controlled by the state
- tobacco and alcoholic products
- licensed goods.
Unlike the European Union, the United States does not have a single document that regulates all processes associated with the import and sale of goods.

Before you start selling something, it is recommended that you initially opt for a product with minimal certification requirements.

How to understand if you need a certificate?

1. Ask your suppliers a question about the availability of certificates and, if they answer you and confirm the availability, check anyway.
2. Information can be searched on the Amazon forums.

For the product itself, a certificate may not be needed; however, it may be necessary for one or more of its component parts - batteries, for example.

Friends, when you are just starting a business on Amazon, be responsible for the choice of your goods, make your initial selection on something simple: a product that will not require certificates and multiple permits.

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