The main benefits of customs clearance for Ukrainian enterepreneurs
The main benefits of customs clearance for Ukrainian entrepreneurs

The law on customs clearance, which was adopted on July 7, 2022, is a real finding for those who want to receive their goods from abroad as soon as possible. As well as to save and reduce the amount of administrative investments during transportation.

But what other advantages are hidden behind this document and why the hands of Ukrainian entrepreneurs to build business in Europe have become tired? We tell in the article.

On the law of custom visa in human language

Office and conservatism will remain for the media. It is important for us that you understand all the advantages of this opportunity. And the main thing is that it started to use it to strengthen Ukraine's economic position and increase its profits. So, to the case:

1. Customs clearance as a way to facilitate delivery
Delivery from Ukraine to Europe and vice versa has always got stuck on the borders through 100 declaration papers and a lot of inspections of goods. But now the situation has changed dramatically. The rules of Ukrainian and European customs control have become the same. Now, cross-border transportation works according to the following scheme: One vehicle — one declaration — one guarantee. For example, if you import goods from Portugal to Ukraine, you just need to fill in the 1 declaration in Lisbon, so that the delivery will reach Kiev without hindrance.

2. Safety of goods
In addition to the accelerated passage of goods across the border, the goods receive additional security at the customs office. Because customs officers will already have information about it and will be able to create conditions for safe inspection and control of the cargo. Also, if earlier 70% of goods were imported or shipped through ports, then it will be faster to import and export the goods through the western (most often Polish) border.

3. Cost optimization and competitiveness enhancement
We will be able to draw up declarations on our own, not to pay for it to Europe. Thus, we optimize the costs. This will make our business more stable and competitive in the European market, because now we will play one game with relaxed European enterprises.

4. We will strengthen and so strong service
Business will be able to deliver cargo from Ukraine directly to the buyer's warehouse. And this means that companies carriers will deprive their clients of burdens with the drawing up of documents, guarantees, declarations. The most clever should use it as an TPP, which will strengthen the clients' impressions of you, as a serious organization, which will greatly simplify the life of customers.

5. Arbitrariness
Don't you want to work under new conditions? No need. The law on customs visa for business is not obligatory for all. But note that you will pay carriers for work that could be done independently.
How will the law affect people who do not have business with Europe?

For people who are business clients, the delivery price should fall. With this will fall and the total value of goods in shops and online shops. As well as:

- Everyone will begin to get the cargo faster, because it is faster to move through the border.
- Prevention of humanitarian crisis, because the entrance of European goods to our market has been simplified.
- Domestic market revitalization: New jobs, product quality improvement.
- The level of corruption will fall, because the customs will have all information about the goods.
- Presence of a queue on the border. The project, which was planned to be launched back in 2020, will revive now. It will allow to get in electronic turn at customs offices and again — it will speed up entry or exit from the state.
- The "hold on the border" type of smears will not work if there are no grounds for doing so.

And, of course, we will become even more of an omnable seat in the EU parliament.

How do we relate to these updates?

The entry of Ukrainian business to Europe is an opportunity for us to help Ukrainians to transport their goods promptly, to deliver them on time and without unnecessary costs and nerves. On the main page of the site you can order the service of transportation from Europe on visa-free system. We will take all the paper burden on ourselves. This will save you time, which you can invest in business process configuration.

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