Difreight Promotional offers Redemption in China at 2.5%
Redemption in China at 2.5%
The promotion is over

Redemption in China at 2.5%

Valid for new customers in the first month of cooperation

Promotion conditions:

  • The promotion is valid from the moment of conclusion of the agreement and during the first month of cooperation;
  • The promotion applies to the purchase of goods from China through DiFreight;
  • The 2.5% discount applies to all categories of goods available for purchase through our service;
  • Customers receive a discount of 2.5% of the total purchase price of goods, taking into account the purchase price of goods and the cost of logistics;
  • The promotion is available only to new customers who conclude an agreement and start cooperation during the promotion period;
  • The discount is applied to all orders placed by a new customer during the promotional period;
  • Orders must be placed and paid for within the promotional period to receive the discount;
  • The discount can be combined with other promotions or discounts that can be valid at the same time;
  • The discount will be automatically taken into account when the order is confirmed and processed.

Purchase of goods in China

Cancellation or Change of Terms: DiFreight reserves the right to cancel or change the terms of the promotion at any time without notice.