Difreight Blog Air delivery from China for only $12.50!

Air delivery from China for only $12.50!

Air delivery from China for only $12.50!

The fastest and most reliable way to deliver goods from China is to order air delivery. Especially, according to the tariffs that are currently in effect in our country. But about that later. Today we will talk about what features, terms and conditions of delivery from China are currently offered by airlines. We will also tell you how to order air transportation from us for only $12.50 and:

  • what cargoes do we take to work - what are the actual delivery times
  • which goods are subject to preliminary payment from the logistician
  • how long will the promotion of $12.5 per kg last?

Read the article and find out how to deliver goods from China to Ukraine profitably and without fees.

Features, terms, prices of delivery from China

Let's remember that entrepreneurs do not just choose to cooperate with China. Namely because it is much more profitable to deliver goods from this country than from others. It should also be noted the low cost of Chinese goods while maintaining their good quality (which has greatly improved in recent decades). And the issue of marginality — you order in China at the same price, in Ukraine you wind up the cost 10-20 times more.

But how to transport all the good?

The longest is by sea transport. Air transport is the fastest and most reliable. When choosing the second option, you should know that air transportation is:

  • More expensive in terms of cost, but in 15-20 days the goods will be in Ukraine.
  • Extremely high level of cargo security. That is why, if you are transporting valuable goods, you should choose air delivery and nothing else.
  • It is worth delivering by air if you have perishable goods, goods in a small batch or you just want to receive the cargo as soon as possible.
  • Minimal risk of loss or damage to the goods, because during air transportation, the goods most often fly on one flight and are not reloaded from board to board.

Experts' answers to the most common questions

"How much does air transportation from China cost and how to calculate the cost?"

We currently have a fixed price of $12.5 per kg for the next 3 months. Moreover, for this price you get not only transportation, but also a personal manager who will accompany you and your goods during transportation. The cost is calculated when determining: cargo category, product weight, delivery urgency.

"How quickly do I receive the product?"

In most cases, air delivery times depend on the speed of loading the aircraft, the destination and the route. But on average, goods from China reach Ukraine in 15-20 days.

"Do you need to prepare any documents for the goods?"

Of course, but it is better to delegate the preparation of a package of documents to a customs broker who knows how to import and export goods and what documents are needed for this. Thanks to the documents, your goods will be able to be identified, tracked, and pass through customs without any problems. The package of documents includes: TTN, commercial INVOICE, packing list, technical documentation and certificates.

What do we offer?

$12.5 per kg for all DeFreight customers for the next 3 months. We accept cargo from 20 kg. We start cooperation after 18-20 days from the moment of consolidation of cargo in the warehouse in Ukraine.

WARNING! The cost of air transportation of goods of the household group is from $12.5 per kilogram.

Other groups of goods are subject to preliminary calculation by the logistician. To find out about the majority promotion or to order air transportation, contact us.

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