How to properly pack cargo on pallets
How to properly pack cargo on pallets

There are a number of requirements, including international ones, that regulate the palletization of cargo.
They are to ensure:

• Security for cargo, vehicle, storage facilities and the environment;
• Safety of cargo during storage, transportation and reloading;
• Optimal use of transport capacities and storage areas;
• Possibility of unimpeded loading/unloading.

There are only two stages of packaging:

• Placing cargo on a pallet.
• Fixing/packing of cargo.

There are two ways to place or load units on a pallet: "brickwork" or "one on top of the other". The main thing is to observe that the edges of the cargo do not protrude beyond the boundaries of the pallet. Thus, one pallet can accommodate from several tens to hundreds of product units, depending on their size and weight.

After filling the pallet, you need to secure the load. The type of fixation is determined by the nature of the product. For the safety of the cargo, stretch wrap is primarily used.

This plastic film tightly covers the entire surface of the pallet. This eliminates shifting of load units during transport. In such packaging, the pallet is reliably protected from dirt, moisture, dust, and external influences.

Our procedures are designed to protect your cargo to ensure a safe and sound delivery!

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