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Route from China

Route from China

By export, we mean the procedure for transporting goods from China to Ukraine.

Delivery options and additional considerations

Possible delivery methods:

  • Air
  • Railway
  • Sea
  • Road transport
  • Mixed option: combining different transportation methods.

Only a specialist can correctly calculate the transportation cost without unnecessary expenses, plan the optimal route, and consider all the nuances of container transportation (cargo).

  • With knowledge of the intricacies of working with this country;
  • Able to plan optimal routes and consider all possible delays and other complications;
  • Understands the mentality and local culture;
  • Knows Ukrainian, Chinese, and international legislation in terms of logistics processes and cargo movements.

What does a logistics specialist do in a transport company

The main task of our company's logisticians is to organize the fast, profitable, and absolutely safe delivery of cargo from China to any point within Ukraine.

It is important to know and consider the smallest details of transportation according to the compiled specialist route.

Transportation also includes not only choosing the most advantageous, safe, and fast route for transporting cargo from China to the destination point but also providing optimal conditions for its preservation.

The process may require competent storage. It implies ensuring storage taking into account the requirements for conditions and the specifics of each item.

Also, one should consider the phenomenon of turnover. It includes a long cycle from the date of receipt of goods at the warehouse to their further shipment after proper accounting with the processing of a complete set of all necessary documentation.

These transportation data belong to the category of HS codes, therefore, it implies work and maintenance of good business contacts with foreign companies, knowledge of legal and other subtleties taking into account the specifics of Chinese culture.

It is impossible to do without active interaction with customs authorities. All procedures must be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the countries through which your cargo container is moving.

The cargo must be correctly declared and provided with all the necessary permits. They will have to be submitted for review to the controlling and checking authorities of the countries where the cargo is expected to be transported.

The organization of cargo delivery from China to Ukraine has many features and nuances. A logistician must be a specialist and have solid experience to miss nothing.

What data will be needed for accurate calculations of the cost of transporting goods by containers from China to Ukraine

To receive current and accurate calculations, all the necessary information must be provided.

Exactly which goods you plan to import from China to Ukraine. Such data are needed:

  • Name;
  • Material;
  • Quantity, pieces;
  • Where it is applied;
  • Gross weight;
  • Net weight;
  • All necessary characteristics in the form of a complete description of the cargo in terms of item positions.

When ordering a calculation, personal data or information about the company is not required. A description of the goods within the specific supply will be sufficient, but it must be comprehensive.

The weight of the cargo to be transported

Most often, the gross weight is taken as the basis. It will differ from the net weight indicator. By net weight, they mean the net weight of the goods without packaging materials. Gross weight is the net weight increased by the weight of the inseparable packaging and packaging for transportation (pallets, boxes, crates, pallets, bags, cans, tubes, etc.).

Packaging size for transporting goods from China to Ukraine

Usually, it is about the volume in cubic meters. This indicator can be obtained by simply multiplying the height, width, and length of any packaging. This will help optimally place the cargo inside the container. It is especially important if it is about collective cargo.

The cost of the cargo itself

The information is important because we provide cargo insurance during the entire journey of the cargo to the destination point. Without this, it is impossible to correctly calculate the amount of customs payments.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

We offer a wide range of benefits for our business partners:

  • Our employees have years of experience working with China;
  • Democratic prices;
  • Knowledge of Chinese culture and language;
  • Our employees are knowledgeable and competent in their field;
  • We offer optimally advantageous routes for transporting goods from China to Ukraine;
  • Favorable property insurance;
  • We take full responsibility for the property entrusted to us from the point of loading to the destination;
  • We only work with verified manufacturers, suppliers, and transport companies; if we have any doubts, we inform you about it;
  • We have extensive experience in resolving disputes or difficulties that arise;
  • When calculating the delivery time, we take into account possible delays on the road due to complex climatic conditions and terrain features in China.

Choose a convenient way to communicate, and our specialists will correctly formalize everything, organize all processes for you, and help at all stages of delivery.

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