Business gifts for Chinese partners
What corporate gifts to prepare for Chinese partners for the New Year
The Chinese New Year is not only a time for celebration, but also an important period for strengthening business relations. This is especially true for companies that have established close cooperation between China and Ukraine. Choosing gifts for the holiday is quite a challenge due to cultural differences and specific local traditions. Today, we're going to tell you what kind of gifts are customary to give to business partners in China.

What you need to know

In 2024, the Chinese New Year is celebrated from 9 to 15 February. Corporate gifts for the New Year are not just a gesture of goodwill, but a way to express respect, gratitude and a desire to maintain harmony in relationships.

What gifts to avoid

When choosing gifts, it is important to avoid certain items that have negative connotations for the Chinese.

Sharp objects. Knives or scissors (even stationery) can symbolise a breakup or a desire to break away from someone.

Gifts in white, black or blue, cut flowers. Cut flowers are usually given for funerals, while white and black colours are unlucky and are also associated with death.

Scented candles. In China, candles are usually used to honour the dead, so they are not suitable for a gift.
Watches. Such a gift can be taken as a hint of death or the end of a relationship.

Anything with the number 4. In Chinese, the words "four" and "death" sound the same. Therefore, you cannot give something with the number 4 or sets of four items.
The Chinese believe that good things come in pairs, so prepare two gifts

We hope this will help you avoid inappropriate gifts that may accidentally offend your Chinese partner.

What you can give
We recommend choosing business gifts based on their symbolic meaning.

Tea and tea sets. Choose high-quality tea leaves packed in a metal tin or buy a gift box with exquisite varieties of tea. Also pay attention to tea ceremony sets - such a gift will demonstrate your respect for the cultural traditions of your partner's country.
Chinese tea set with tea leaves

Fruit. Fruits symbolise life and new beginnings, so you can always make your partner happy with a whole basket of goodies. Choose tangerines, pomegranates, pomelos, watermelon, apples - they are associated with prosperity and fertility. Pears, on the other hand, mean separation and should be avoided.

Wine and spirits. A bottle of good red or white wine or champagne will be a great gift. Foreign spirits such as whiskey are also very much appreciated as they are difficult to find on the local market in China.

Items that reflect Chinese culture. For example, handmade silk products, traditional porcelain figurines, or jade items are great gifts that demonstrate the value of Chinese culture and art.

Don't give too expensive items to avoid embarrassing your partner. Instead, cheap gifts will characterise you as a stingy person, which is also not good. For festive packaging, choose red, yellow, and gold - the traditional colours of the Chinese New Year, which symbolise good luck and wealth.

Remember, the best gift is always attention and a desire to maintain a quality business partnership. By choosing the right gift and respecting cultural traditions, you show respect for your partners and create a good foundation for improving the working environment with China.

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