Everything you need to know about FDA certification
Everything you need to know about FDA certification

The FDA certificate is a guarantee of the safety of the product composition, which means that no component is harmful to humans. Thanks to the FDA, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work in the US market and in other countries that consider the certificate an indicator of quality.

Today, we're going to talk about the FDA in more detail so that you understand why this certification is so important and how it can affect the scale of your business. In the article you will learn:

- What are the types of FDA certificate?
- For which products is it necessary?
- Why is it important to have one if you work in the US, Canada or Australia?

FDA terminology

USFD - Food Safety and Quality Control Department. This department conducts chemical, technological, microbiological studies to determine the safety of any product (food, tobacco, cosmetics, supplements, equipment, etc.). Also, the FDA (USFD) actively promotes a healthy lifestyle. He is so active that he has already reached the international level, and his activities are followed by the whole world. And due to this, the approval of products by the FDA increases the status, trust, and popularity of the product among buyers.

For example, if you supply cosmetology or medical equipment, each device undergoes FDA certification before purchase. Devices approved for use have the status "approved" or "regulated".

2 types of FDA certificate

The developed product can receive either FDA-approved or FDA-regulated status. What is the difference? The FDA guarantees the safety of the product by all criteria. But if it is cosmetics, cosmetic devices, the "approved" status will be obtained only after the products are launched on the market. Thus, if you bought a toner and had an allergic reaction to it, you need to go to the FDA website and fill out reports. The department collects all appeals from users, and if there are too many negative reports, the product goes into development and goes through a series of studies again.

Which status the product will belong to is determined by American laws. However, some dishonest manufacturers sell medicines in the form of cosmetics and vice versa, which puts buyers at risk. We advise you to choose a product with regulated status. Because this means that it has already been tested and is 100% safe.

List of products for which FDA is required

- medical and cosmetic equipment;
- cosmetics and medicines;
- food products and products of long-term preservation;
- any other equipment;
- products for construction;
- tobacco products;
- devices for personal use;
- vitamin and nutritional supplements.

Advantages of FDA certification

It is especially important to have an FDA certificate for everyone who is engaged in the supply of cosmetology and medical equipment. Because the FDA certificate is a guarantee that:

+ clients and buyers will trust you and buy your products;
+ you guarantee safe use, and all products have undergone scientific research;
+ you will be able to go international (sell goods in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe);
+ will be able to stand out among competitors competing for the premium segment.

Therefore, if you want to stand out, collect positive reviews, work on proven equipment and with high-quality cosmetic products, choose products with an FDA certificate. And we will deliver your goods. from any corner of the world as quickly as possible and with a guarantee of 100% safety of the cargo

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