Difreight Blog Prepare a sled in the summer: what winter products is the time to buy now?

Prepare a sled in the summer: what winter products is the time to buy now?

Prepare a sled in the summer: what winter products is the time to buy now?

Buying seasonal goods in China in the "off-season" is a profitable investment. The strategy works without fail from year to year: in the summer you order goods, and in the winter you get from them 40% to 100% profit. Investments are minimal, and the profit can make you very happy!

Today I will share with you the top running goods and tell you how to profitably buy them in China. I recommend that you don't waste your time and browse dropshipping sites - 1688, Taobao, Pinduodu.

Доставка товарів з Китаю Difreight

Winter business: 3 reasons to buy in the summer

Seasonal discounts and promotions: in the summer, a large number of suppliers and manufacturers offer favorable conditions. For dropshippers, this is a great opportunity to purchase products at lower prices.

Less competition: In the summer, people tend to buy beach gear and light clothing rather than gloves and garlands. When less enterprising dropshippers are just starting to plan their purchase in early fall, you will already be offering customers a wide range.

Delivery schedule: in the summer, the risk of possible delays due to bad weather conditions is reduced to a minimum, which means that you will receive the goods quite quickly.

We are forming an assortment: winter goods, toys, clothes

I won't say that we keep any special statistics, but you can easily identify the most popular products based on the frequency of orders. So, what will we buy?

Winter goods

I include in this category both products suitable for gifts (for example, winter fishing kits) and things for everyday winter tasks (shovels, snow removal equipment, etc.). In winter, there is a great demand for ice-shoes, which are worn over shoes and protect against falls.

Popular dropshipping products for the home and decorations for the New Year's table are worth attention: festive tablecloths, themed napkins, candles, towels and other things that will decorate the interior and create a festive atmosphere. A good addition to increase the average check is light decorations for the house.

New Year goods from China - DiFreight


Here I advise you to completely rely on your imagination - the market of Chinese goods that can be brought to Ukraine is impressive in its scale. For children, you will find many favorite characters from cartoons, for adults - themed souvenirs. Most importantly, this product can be called 50/50 seasonal: everything related to the Christmas holidays will be relevant in winter, the rest - throughout the year. Is it profitable? So!

New Year's souvenirs - Difreight delivery

Warm clothing

Thermal wash does not sell positions, and if you know the supplier (and we do!), you will return your investment quite quickly. Trends change every season, and you should be the first to offer the youth the same Tiktok hoodie! While your competitors are studying the market, you'll be selling trending dropshipping products at a great price for both yourself and your customers.

This category also includes jackets, down jackets, overalls, sweaters, hats, accessories. If you look at the offers on Chinese online sites, you'll want to start building your shopping cart now. :)

Winter clothes - delivery from China DiFreight

Purchases from China to Ukraine: we purchase responsibly, we import safely

If you decide to wholesale goods in China, the main task is to find a reliable intermediary. The Difreight team will buy and deliver the goods "on a turnkey basis", and for new customers there is also a promotion with a buyback at only 2.5%!

Cooperating with us you get:

  • 100% compliance with deadlines;
  • contact 24/7;
  • the ability to track your cargo;
  • constant cost of transportation (which is rare);
  • no problems with customs;
  • warehouses in China and Ukraine for storing goods;
  • product insurance and guarantee of its integrity.

What products do you want to start building an online business with dropshipping products? Contact Difreight and do business instead of suffering from logistics!

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