Features of shipping from China to Europe: 5 facts you need to know
Features of shipping from China to Europe: 5 facts you need to know

Despite the war, political conflicts in different countries, trade continues and gives entrepreneurs from different European countries the opportunity to build a successful business. And consumers — to use goods produced by China at moderately low prices compared to the USA. And it is the transportation route from China to Europe that is the most popular with its features, advantages and disadvantages.
Let's talk about that.

Advantages of the route China - Europe

China - Europe is the shortest route between Asia and Europe, which allows you to reduce the time of transporting goods and improve the company's service due to fast delivery. As a rule, the goods are transported by sea. But it takes much more time than, for example, air.

At the same time, it will be cheapest and fastest to choose rail transportation. They reduce the transit route and the cost of delivery. China is also currently actively developing railway infrastructure and connecting its country with Europe through Kazakhstan, which is an advantage for fruitful cooperation between the countries.

Moreover, shipping from China to Europe is a free trade format. This means that some European countries that cooperate with China have simplified customs procedures and a reduced cost of customs payments. These are good opportunities for business development with any capital and ambitions.

What does the entrepreneur face?

Delivery from China to Europe has some peculiarities in terms of standards, regulations, customs procedures and cargo security. And the process of drawing up various documents, invoices, checks, and reports takes a lot of time. Therefore, when doing business with China, you should choose your carrier company, which will take care of the following issues:

- customs clearance
- efficient and fast logistics
- cargo escort from the manufacturer to the customer
- responsibility for product integrity

How long to expect the product?

It all depends on your wishes and budget. Of course, the order can be delivered quickly only by air. For example, goods can reach Ukraine from China in 14 days. But for this you will pay much more money. But if you need to deliver a small batch of cargo, oversized in terms of size and weight, and you do not have deadlines - it is better to choose sea transport. Waiting for cargo from 40 to 55 days from the moment of departure.

What is the shipping cost?

We will be able to determine the cost of delivery upon receipt of the following data:
- type of selected transport (air, sea, rail);
- type of cargo;
- cargo dimensions;
- urgency
- etc..

Are you in Europe and planning to develop your business? We will help deliver any goods from China on a turnkey basis - you order, we take care of all the processes. To clarify the details and calculate the price, we invite you to the main page of the site.
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