3 logistics terms you will need

3 logistics terms you will need

If you have been cooperating with logistics companies for a long time, then you are familiar with the terms combined delivery, additional loading, pooling. If you are new and just planning to contact carriers, we will help you understand these concepts. Today in the article we will tell:

- What is collective delivery and what are its advantages?
- How safe is it to order additional cargo transportation?
- What is pooling?

The answers will help you better understand the issues of transportation and voice your needs without problems and order services from logisticians when necessary.

What is combined delivery and what are its advantages?

Bulk cargo is cargo that is transported in batches, and is completed either individually or in containers. The main feature is that all cargo is sent from different customers, but in one container. There is also the concept of international transportation of collective cargo — this is when a batch of goods moves in one direction, in one transport.

In order for the logistics company to be able to organize the transportation of collective cargo, the goods are collected at the freight carrier's warehouse. It is then processed and checked. And at the end, it is divided into sets that will be sent to different countries to their recipients.

Why and when is it better to choose collective delivery?

- When you want to save. This is advantageous because you will not pay for the entire vehicle, but only for the space your cargo takes up in the cargo compartment. The smaller the volume, weight, number of goods, the more profitable it is for you.

- You can store your cargo in a safe place. The goods are assembled at the carrier's warehouse, which guarantees the safety of the cargo and takes care of loading, processing, and packaging.

- Easy customs clearance. The carrier company will help you complete the documentation, as it has a customs broker. Therefore, you will be able to save both time and nerves - profitable? Still!

How safe is it to order additional cargo transportation?

Reloading is an opportunity to quickly transport your cargo from point A to point B thanks to a parallel route. That is, if you need to send a cargo and you do not want to order a separate car, you can agree to put your goods in a vehicle that is heading in the same direction where you need to deliver your transportation.

As a rule, already ordered routes often coincide with the sender's routes. Therefore, 2 win at once: the customer, who, again, can save a lot and ship quickly. And the carrier, who does not change the route, earns more for filling the cargo compartment.

Why is it safe? Since both the main product and the additional cargo are reliably fixed, correctly processed and delivered to the right point.

What is pooling?

If you don't know the specifics, you can confuse pooling and collective delivery. But there are some discrepancies between these terms that you need to know in order to deliver the goods with the maximum benefit for yourself.

1. As in collective delivery, the goods first enter the consolidation warehouse and from there are sent to the freight forwarder. This allows you to reduce costs, since the goods do not go to intermediate points, as in the case of combined delivery.

2. Other tariffs. Some platforms that specialize purely in pooling allow customers to track how many shippers are participating in a shipment. And when the car is filled with goods from different customers, the companies provide them with a pooling tariff, which is much lower than collective delivery.

The main thing that is important to understand when ordering this service is that you will not be able to set a delivery date. His company determines independently when the transport will be 100% loaded.

All 3 services can be used by our clients. Moreover, the managers will advise you and offer you to choose the most profitable method of transportation, and they will take care of the documentation. If you are interested in one of the services, click the feedback button and our specialists will contact you.

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