Shipping from China to the US, what you need to know

How the digital yuan affects international shipping

In 2021, China again wanted to stand out among all the developed countries of the world. And instead of using ordinary bitcoins, tokens and other electronic currency, he decided to create his own. Moreover, in the same year, China's central bank ruled that the digital yuan is a public currency that can be used as a supplement to existing cash and electronic payments.

The issue of the new at that time currency did not bypass the sphere of international transportation. So, we decided to find out how the digital yuan affected the change of the logistics market and found many interesting advantages, both for the eastern country and for us.

Dependence on international currencies has decreased

Due to the constant use of the US dollar in international payments, Chinese companies often lost money due to the constant change in the exchange rate. And their own digital currency has reduced these risks. Moreover, it is currently helping to actively develop the Chinese market. After all, within the country, many brands began to pay in yuan and increased the stability and price of their currency.

Speeding up and improving the efficiency of operations

History repeats itself — the creation of a digital yuan has a good effect on the country's domestic market. So, for example, in the country, payment transactions have become easier and commissions for settlements have decreased. That is, money began to reach customers or manufacturers faster, and this accelerated the processing of orders and, in general, all logistics processes. Since the speed of delivery of goods directly depends on the speed and convenience of payment.

Increasing the profit of logistics companies

Since the costs of payment transactions have been reduced, the cost of delivery has also decreased, but the profitability of logistics companies has increased, because who will lower the already low prices for transportation?

How did the creation of the Chinese digital yuan affect Ukraine and citizens who order goods from China?

Ukraine does not use and does not plan to use this currency. But Ukrainians who work or cooperate with China also benefited from using the digital yuan. For example, they managed to speed up the processes of international transactions. To become partners trusted by the Chinese. Because by using the digital yuan, Ukrainian entrepreneurs reduced the risks for Chinese and foreign companies, and this had a positive effect on the logistics of the supply of goods from China to Ukraine.

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