What is FBM: features of delivery of goods from Ukraine to the USA and Europe.

Basis for sale and delivery of goods from Ukraine to the USA and Europe: what is FBM?
Do you want to expand your business and enter the international market? The stars of the FBM model, you can become a reference engraver in the field of electronic commerce. But what is FBM and how does it work? Well, let's sort it out.

What is FBM?

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) — a way of fulfilling orders, in which the seller sells the product through the marketplace, but carries out the entire process of processing and delivering the product himself.

Here's how this model works:

1. You place your goods on the marketplace.
2. The buyer places an order.
3. The marketplace notifies you about it.
4. You complete the order.

At first glance, everything seems simple, but in fact the FBM model is a whole set of operations that require sufficient resources and effort from the seller.
With FBM, the seller, not the marketplace, is responsible for the quality of order fulfillment

FBM operations

To start trading on Amazon or another trading platform based on the FBM model, you should first determine the future volume of work. This method of order fulfillment consists of the following stages:

1. Receipt of goods into the warehouse.
You need an organized warehouse space to store your goods. In order for the warehouse to work without delays and errors, the goods must be sorted, labeled and entered into the warehouse accounting program.

2. Storage of goods.
The seller is responsible for proper storage of goods in his warehouses. This includes proper packaging, ensuring optimal storage conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.) and protection against damage and theft.

3. Acceptance and processing of orders.
After receiving the order notification, the seller is responsible for processing, updating the order status and notifying the buyer about the progress of the work.

4. Completeness and packaging of the order.
The seller checks the availability of the goods, completes the order and prepares it for shipment.
To protect the product, use a variety of fillers and bubble wrap for packaging

5. Delivery.
You can deliver cargo from Ukraine to the USA on your own or use the services of transport companies. It is important that the goods reach the buyer without delays and damage.

6. Work with the return of goods.
This includes acceptance and inspection of the goods, if possible, correction of defects. Then the goods are stored until the next sale and shipment to the buyer.

The FBM model gives you full control over every step of the process. You set your own quality standards and provide personalized customer service. It helps build long-term relationships with customers and grow business.
Good customer reviews improve your ranking on the marketplace and drive further sales

Why you should choose FBM:

- maintain control over every aspect of the business;
- save money because you don't need to pay Amazon extra (for delivery or warehouse rental);
- you receive a full report on goods in real time;
- you can trade on various trading platforms in the USA and Europe: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay).

With the growth of e-Commerce, the FBM model is becoming relevant for the business of selling and delivering goods to Europe and the USA from Ukraine. Providing FBM services allows you to be a full-fledged market participant and build your own business on Amazon.

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