Top 5 children's products that are in demand in 2023

Top 5 children's products that are in demand in 2023
If you sell children's products, you know that this market is very competitive and dynamic. Today I will tell you which children's products from China will have high demand, excellent quality and a profitable price.

Radio controlled toys

The most popular type of toys, which does not lose its relevance from year to year. They give the child joy and delight, develop spatial thinking, imagination, coordination of movements and logic.

In China, a wide range of radio-controlled toys is presented: from the usual remote control cars to various models of airplanes, helicopters, boats, construction equipment and robots.
When choosing a remote control toy, parents pay attention to the quality of materials, battery power, remote control range and safety for the child

Puzzle rugs

Puzzle rugs are soft rugs that combine several functions at once:

  • decorative - a variety of colors and patterns will satisfy the most demanding customer;
  • protective - such mats create a soft and warm surface for games and rest, protect the child from bumps and scratches;
  • developmental - help the child to develop hand motility, memory, attention and color perception.
Choose among mats options with different textures, letters, numbers, etc. - parents are more willing to buy children's mats that stimulate independent and creative activities.
Puzzle mats are light, practical, durable, easy to care for, and can be folded into a compact stack of puzzles when needed — everything parents love.

Sets for children's creativity

Sets for creativity do not lose their popularity. Parents like them, because children do not look at gadgets, but are busy with useful work, develop their creativity and are not distracted by constant questions.

In addition, diamond painting kits, weaving from rubber bands, engravings and applications from felt are "evergreen" products, the relevance of which does not depend on the season.
A set for making jewelry is a great option for a gift for a girl

Children's transport

Now every child has a desire to have his own car park: a scooter, a skate, roller skates, a roller coaster and... this list can be continued for a long time. Therefore, entrepreneurs should provide them with such an opportunity. Thanks to cooperation with manufacturers from China, you can order transport for children of different age categories: from scooters for children to powerful gyroboards for teenagers.
Customers pay special attention to the reliability of fasteners, strength of materials, compactness and the presence of seat belts (if it is a transport for children)

Ordering high-quality toys and other children's goods in China will allow your business to meet the needs of children and their parents and expand the range.

If you have questions about ordering goods from China, the reliability of the supplier or the transportation of goods, contact DiFreight. We will help you find the product you need, organize the purchase and deliver it from the supplier to your door.
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