New service from DiFreight: a bot for cargo tracking
New service from DiFreight: a bot for cargo tracking
DiFreight understands how important it is to provide our customers with maximum comfort and control over their cargo during transportation. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce our newest solution, the DiFreight Freight Tracking Bot.

This bot is our answer to the need for transparency and efficiency in logistics. It allows you to track the movement of cargo in real time, providing you with full control and peace of mind. Now every stage of container transportation, from the point of departure to the destination, will be under your supervision.
DiFreight freight tracking will help you control the entire delivery period.

What is real-time cargo tracking and why is it so important?

Previously, cargo movement could be tracked using a barcode. But the time between the arrival and departure of the container remained a mystery. Barcodes only recorded evidence that goods had been shipped or arrived.

Now, every step of the supply chain is tracked by a cargo tracker. It transmits accurate information about the location and movement of the container throughout its entire journey.

88% of users consider the ability to track cargo in real time to be an important advantage.

Why is it important for businesses to know the location and status of a parcel in real time? The short answer is that knowledge is power. Tracking through a bot will help businesses:

  • find out the location of the container throughout the entire transportation route;
  • be aware of the situation and respond promptly to delays or deviations;
  • better plan the next steps in the supply chain.
A barcode is an outdated method of tracking the movement of parcels.

Real-time cargo tracking with the DiFreight bot

Since 2020, DiFreight specialists have been engaged in supply chain and cargo transportation services. We deliver parcels to more than 23 countries by sea, air, and road. We know how important it is for customers to keep their finger on the pulse when organizing logistics, which is why we have introduced a new product - a cargo tracking bot.

Thanks to the bot, you will receive complete information about the international delivery process of your container at any time of the day or day of the week. The system works with all types of cargo: sea container, pallet, platform, auto cargo, etc.

How to use the bot

Cargo tracking is available in the telegram at https://t.me/DiFreight1_bot

To use it, you need to:
  • register;
  • go to the menu;
  • select "cargo tracking";
  • enter your DF number;
  • receive a notification about the stage of delivery or other service.
With cargo tracking, you get a fully transparent supply chain and can monitor your shipments even if they are not in your field of vision. Difreight is ready to become your main partner for organizing international transportation logistics and ensuring that your products are delivered without delays. Contact us to find out more about the terms of cooperation.
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