Delivery of oversized cargo from Ukraine to the USA
Case. How DiFreight organized the delivery of an oversized cargo from Ukraine to the United States
It's great when you need to transport goods that are packed in convenient boxes that are easy to transport and load and unload. But what if you have to deliver something that won't fit in any box? You might say it's impossible? At DiFreight, there is no such thing as "impossible". Today we are talking about a unique case of oversized cargo transportation from Ukraine to the United States.

What we had to do

Our client is a Ukrainian manufacturer of exclusive decorative items that needed to deliver a metal decorative rocket to the United States. At the time, he had been looking for a reliable partner to transport his products for a long time. The main problem was that the cargo was oversized, so traditional methods of packaging and transportation were not applicable. The client faced great difficulties in finding a company that would take on such a task.

How DiFreight solved the problem

The main challenge was to ensure the safety and integrity of the cargo during delivery from Ukraine to the United States, a task that required not only professionalism but also an innovative approach. DiFreight accepted the challenge.

We carefully approached the packaging process. Using wooden boards, we manually assembled a special crate that reliably protected the cargo. This approach ensured the safety of oversized decorative items and optimized space for other goods.
Thanks to the crate, the cargo was securely fastened and did not interfere with the transportation of other boxes

The delivery included several stages. After packing, we processed the necessary customs documents and organized the delivery of the cargo to the United States by sea. Despite the difficulties associated with the transportation of oversized cargo, the DiFreight team ensured smooth and timely transportation.

The cargo successfully reached the United States without any damage. For us, it was an interesting case that required non-standard actions, and for the client, it was a reliable solution for the delivery of his goods at a favorable price. He was satisfied with the cooperation.
Customer feedback on cooperation with DiFreight

DiFreight's creativity, logistics expertise and dedication enable us to meet the most challenging international transportation needs.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with not just services, but real solutions that help them grow their businesses. If you are told that it is impossible to deliver your goods, don't hesitate to contact us - there is no impossible task for DiFreight.
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